Jail update: I prevailed at Court today, even though my attorney fully displayed his treachery and incompetence. I did not go to jail. It was a total rout.

in jail •  10 months ago

Get involved. It is fun to win. It is good to find your power. |

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Are you going to tell us how your attorney displayed these behaviors? Bad behavior by officers of the court need to be exposed. We also need to see what it looks like so we can recognize it in attorneys we may end up having to work with.

Where did you learn to prevail? (Perhaps you've already shared that in another post. I've only recently started to follow you.)

Super glad you didn't end up in jail. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to know more.


Life is a banquet, not a race. My success is not your failure. By honoring me, as you just did, you encourage and empower me. Such encouragement comes rarely, because most men are so insecure as to their ranking with respect to each other that they are not capable of expressing joy when another man has a success.

This needs to change. Your post has made my day. If we could all encourage and edify one another as you have edified and honored me, we would become able to determine the course of our lives with real power.

Regarding your questions, I am not an attorney, but I am well educated, highly skilled, and a fighter in spirit. Each of us has "gifts". Each of us has potentials that can be developed. My ambition is to organize men and women to empower them. I view myself as a professor (of "memes of empowerment") and an organizer (of a particular vision for social change).

If I am not stopped, I will leave behind an electronic book, in the form of the "archive" link on my web site. That book will tell the whole story. In its current form, it is only a chronology of evidence, mostly audio recordings and documents, with some videos and pictures. I hope to write essays and narratives to make it easier for viewers to "read the story". But if I die at an inopportune moment, the only thing that you will have is the archive. And if there is no "fan club" on the day that I die, no one will take action to preserve the archive and it will be lost to humanity.

This is all for real. This is not television. I am not living my life this way in order to entertain you all. I need a few people to take a serious interest and to "get involved", or everything will be for naught and all that I have produced will be lost.