JPUD Keeping it Super-Irie

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Sorry I am late to the party this month for JAHM Power Up Day. Yesterday was officially the day and the feed was full of JPUD posts from community members - IRIE!

I am getting in on the action by staking 1,245 JAHM increasing my power and influence on the platform. A lot has been happening on and around the feed and even across the STEEM ecosystem. The ReggaeSteem JAHMfest official release post was trending no. 1 for the longest time and allowed for some much needed exposure to get more eyes on the project and upcoming Blockchain festival and conference.


I am really liking what has been happening both on and off the chain, especially with our boots on the ground @donald.porter and @miyard in Negril. Both @conradsuperb and I have been looking airfare to confirm our trip to Jamaica in June. Still haven't secured, but here soon we will lock something in place confirming our trip to Negril the last weekend in June. There are still a couple things left to figure before we make a final confirmation. Really excited to be back in Negril - it's been too long for me.

Jamaica 2014 288.jpg
Cliffs Vibe 2014 - @conradsuperb in the distance with local and buddy Scuba Steve

I'm usually there every few years but it's been nearly 6 years since my last sojourn to my favorite place on Earth. Negril is the best of the best when it comes to Caribbean travels. It's a much different vibe than what people stereotype Jamaica to be. You have go. That's the only way you'll know I'm not just talkin' rubbish. It's funky and that's my style. The people are about Respect. The environment is open and inviting. The sights are extraordinary, especially the women in small bikinis. I could add to the list forever, but you would have to read a book and I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that.

Screenshot (59).png

Anyway, make your way over to the release post linked above and get the information you need to help make this trip become a reality. You can always drop by in the discord and ask any questions there, too.

Happy JPUD and hope to see some of you in June at JAHMfest

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Ya mon - nicely done. I remember when you first started, took the feed by storm with Faces of Jamaica’s series, and you’ve yet to look back since

Big ups S-irie

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Thanks superb. Your help and positive vibes
was all I needed. Stay cool . s-irie

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That super Irie Graphic never gets old:)

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yes sir dmilliz

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It is extraordinary the work that you @crypticat, @donald.porter @conradsuberb and you do to make Reggaesteem a reality beyond any block chain, to break the paradigms of the communities in Steemit, #Reggaesteem goes out to the streets to show with pride what it represents, the powerful culture of reggae next to Jahm.

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Don’t forget @DMiLLiZ and @MiYard 😎🇯🇲🇯🇵

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That's right, brother, we should mention his excellent contributions.

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@super-irie, You always sounds Super Enthusiastic and it's a great trait for sure. Hope that you will going to have a wonderful time at JAHMFEST in June. Stay blessed.

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Thanks Rocks
Glad to see you up and moving on reggaesteem,
after your recent hiatus. Keep rockin"

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Welcome and thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Stay blessed always brother. 🙂

Big Ups super-irie...we taking Jahm to the moon

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Morning ‘m’ what’s happening your side of the globe. 5:55 AM here.
Going into the 50’s today. Those jahm power ups are warming this winter into an early spring.

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Its crazy here, the government suddenly banned the major means of road transport in Lagos, we have half the city walking to their respective businesses...

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@super-irie do you live in jamaica??i would really love to meet you in person whenever i visit jamaica again,you sound like a very interesting person to be with and i love the fact that you are intelligent and creative and you also have a lovely way of adding some kind of humour to your posts that makes me to smile....keep up the good work you are doing...

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