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Welcome to the JAHMIN Posts of the week. We choose posts that we really feel stood out and had exceptional quality. In no particular order, here are the JAHMIN posts of the week.

JAHMIN posts of the week October 7-13

Faces of Jamaica [Part 6 of 10] "The Patty Man" by @super-irie

@super-irie's blog series "Faces of Jamaica" is quite interesting. In this post he talks about the Patty man who visits the 7 mile beach in Negril Jamaica daily and how he has the best Patty's in the town. Be sure to check out the rest of the series on his page.

Cover by Jose Cabrera-Oh mama - Juanito Makandé -Fusion Reggae Cover by @josecabrera

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 10.14.54 AM.png
@joseacabrerav does a wonderful cover of this song Juanito Makandé. The emotions are high and if you don't speak Spanish, he has the English translation.

Family Abroad #12. Kofta- Inspired Ital Veggie Burgers by @Justinparke

@Justinparke gave a superb Ital/veggie burger recipe he guarantees will be like no other. By the looks of the picture, we can only imagine the superb taste. Be sure to check this one out and get your Ital burger on. Ital is Vital.

True Stories: Ripped off in Montego Bay (Part One) by @slobberchops

@Sloberchops with his true story of his encounter in Montego bay Jamaica is quite intriguing. He leaves us in suspense at the end of this one and then drops part 2. Be sure to check them out.

Template For Writing Killer Reggae - Reggaeton and Dancehall Reviews on Reggaesteem.io by @whatsthatcryptom

@whatsthatcryptom with his well thought out template for doing reviews on ReggaeSteem to gain SEO exposure and "shake the industry" is a must read for anyone doing or wanting to do song reviews. It is a template that is very effective and simple enough for anyone to follow.

Reggaesteem - Ska Music - Desorden Público Cover - Tiembla by @juanmolina

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.56.22 AM.png
@juanmolina with his Ska infused performance of Desorden Público - Tiembla, where he plays multiple roles and does it well. It is amazing to see how he creates these videos and also creates different sounds as a one man band.

JAHM Review post of the week

Patience - Damian Marley & Nas (Review) by @botefarm

@botefarm gives a good review of the Damion Marley and Nas Collaboration "patience". We all need a little of that at times. The format he used is superb and he gives a lot of his personal opinion as well as facts about the album.

Which post did you like the best? Comment below.

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Best post? @slobberchops, the person sure knows how to blog and tell a story. Held me with every word.

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@miti curation project.png

Congratulations to all the Steemains who are mentioned here. Keep up the good work.

@reggaesteem, Keep encouraging team and stay blessed.

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all publications are very nice congratulations to all ..

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Good jhob verry good reggaesteem

love the patty story one, bet they are good!

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