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Wha Gwaaaan my breddas and sistas! I don't post very much, but when I do, I do

In this post I want to show you why you should be looking at JAHM. A SCOT-Token on Steem-Engine.

I have been posting on https://ReggaeSteem.io for a while now and got recently accepted to the Ambassador chat on the Jahm discord server (you can join us HERE). My heart is filled with Caribbean love, and I would like to share you my personal review on the tribe and the token itself. Things I have learned during the process, some interesting facts, figures, upcoming projects and developments behind the scenes.

JAHM has a purpose. Not only to reward authors on Reggaesteem.io but also to become a way of payment in the Caribbean countries.

You will think: "But Tom you are with 'them', of course, your review is gonna be biased!"
Me: Go fuck yourself and show me your actifit report. (Don't, please..)
whatsthatcryptom jahm reggaesteem.jpg

Here are 10 reasons why you should be looking at JAHM

1. Team of members, devs, advisors, ambassadors

For you who don't know who belongs to the team, I will present a list of the mouthwatering people behind this business on the STEEM blockchain. We have @miyard, @dmilliz @donald.porter, the founders and devs. They are the driving forces and make the most things happen.
@crypticat: If you don't know him, you will if you post 1 more Bob Marley tune. Big time investor and the owner of the @jahm.whitelist.
@shanibeer, an OG investor and she is also a respected member in many other communities.
@roger.remix, our gateway to the European music scene and investor. @joseacabrerav @mistakili @bahagia-arbi and @super-irie are the official ambassadors/moderator)
@conradsuperb, @jk6276 @whatsthatcryptom, the advisors.
And anyone who post great content on reggaesteem!

2. Stable Growth

You can say many things, but JAHM has one of the best growth in price of all the other tribe tokens out there. Not sure? Check the following chart
I actually want to show you the graph wich compares JAHM with other tribe tokens but the results are way too embarrassing for the other tribes that I decided to not post them. But these words must mean enough.

3. Quality of posts on Reggaesteem.io

You can check many other tribes or Steemit itself with the Reggaesteem.io feed. Once you did, you can not unsee the difference in the quality of the posts. This is the result of relentless moderation and curating from you know who :) We are continuing to reward authors who deliver high-quality posts. In the next WEEK we start to hand out the topics where you can write about.

4. Upcoming contests

In the coming months we are going to hold blogging contests on Reggaesteem.io. If you are a good writer, and English is your main language (or almost) you should participate and win huge prices! The idea is to generate a basic income for high quality content producers. Our goal is to go mainstream, and therefore we need to be more visible on many other channels too. Follow the trending feed on Reggaesteem and you won't miss a thing!

5. Jahm-Fest June

To make the local people familiar with JAHM, the team is organising JAHM-FEST 2020 in Negril Jamaica. Locals will be told in workshops how to make use of this cryptocurrency, seminars by speakers will be given, and of course concerts from different Reggae artists. Go to https://reggaesteem.com for more information and press releases.

6. 12 locations that accept JAHM

By June next year, the team is planning to acquire 12 different locations that will accept JAHM.

7. Utility of token

The token has many use cases already available. You can use the token to advertise, to pay for trips, to pay for your holiday or to STAKE. In January 2020, PoS will be activated so you will earn JAHM on your staked tokens.

8. Stake 'N Stay JSNS

Stake 100k JAHM and you will get free accommodation whilst on holiday in Jamaica. Conditions apply. Go to https://reggaesteem.com for more information!

9. Other token options (EOS, Pegged, off-chain)

At the moment, JAHM is a SCOT token on STEEM-ENGINE. The team is looking at other opportunities in the crypto space as the launch of going mainstream comes closer by the day. Pegged tokens are something that is heavily considered.

10. Partnerships with other communities (on-chain)

In our continuous efforts to onboard the masses, the team is negotiating with other tribes and communities within STEEM. Official releases about this will be given at the appropriate time by the appropriate accounts.


Website > https://reggaesteem.com
Twitter > https://twitter.com/reggaesteem
YouTube > https://youtube.com/reggaesteem
Discord > https://discord.gg/UQNT9as
Telegram > https://t.me/reggaesteem

Well, there were 10 reasons you should be looking at JAHM. What are you still doing here? Go and get some JAHM or join us at https://reggaesteem.io


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Yezzir, great post here. Would love to see you post more... awesome content when you do, that’s without a doubt. Great overview of the team, the tribe and the use cases of this utility token.

Resteeming. More people on steem need to see and hear about reggaesteem, so we can also begin to spread the word outside of steem as much as possible.

OG team for sure. Loving the crew.

Lol - I know that’s dan Bilzerian under there. Cmon now you can’t fool me!! Lmao

Mucho respect mu bredda

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Thank you for the very nice words and the resteem! I will post more, I promise! Need to find a way the business runs itself :D
I also believe that if the people know the REAL cause, they will jump the wagon easier. Its just not another tribe on the block. It is much much more. Glad to have you on board mister mister!

Neh who is Dan Bilzerian? !giphy


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Definitely so mate. Real case and cause will bring people on board. Once they see it’s real, there will be no reason not to jump on the wagon

Lol dan bilzerian, known most for his lavish lifestyle, is a professional poker player and Instagram guru. Haha check him out and you’ll see what I mean...

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sending my love, I&I is what moves things fluently, comunication is the key, the door and the room

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Gracias Hermano! It absolutely is

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Great post.. The arrangement of this article too is awesome.


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That’s what I’m talking
about. Join the reggae
party and reap the
rewards. Smart move.

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I really really buy into this idea of yours, to be sincere with you, among all tribes I've been too, this @reggaesteem happens to be the only tribe with its market price stable and keeps going high in this era where people are dumping token to exchange for steem.

Also, the EOS platforms will bring more awareness and let more people know about this place.

Am resteeming and retwitting the same time.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thank you so much botefarm! Yes you are absolutely correct, at this moment in time, you can separate the good from the bad. The main reason is that this tribe is one of the only ones where its tokens can become a real meaning.

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I've just read @donald.porters's comment and rushed to re-steem. I don't want my crappy Actifit's getting targeted. LOL.

Seriously though, great pitch, the vibe around here is really cool at the moment.

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Hahaha lol, Nehh your Actifit posts are awesome! Thanks for being a part of that great vibe

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The memes 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

Classic memes, JAHMin content 💃🏽🕺🏼,, love and support for fellow RS team members 💪🏽😉...

💯% JAHM upvote for the most epic ReggaeSteem FOMO post ever!

Blessings bredda, da one ya hot like scotch bonnet 🔥


If you’re a reggaesteem member and don’t resteem this post by @whatsthatcryptom, we’ll be sending “you know who :)” to curate your shitposts 😎 lol, just kidding.

Maybe. 🙂

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Thank you so much bredda!

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Man your ripped! Hehe
Brought tremendous smile
and giggle when
this posted.
Fantastic write up.
That’s what I’m talking about.
Just made earlier comment for more from you and 💥 boom, there it was.
Sir yes, sir.

Your wish is my command my bredda. I love you, you love me. I think we live in a gorgeous place.
I am very glad it made you smile!
Come and make a discord account! :D
Stay yourself

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Sounds like a pretty cool community but I don't have any Jamaican related content so not sure I'll be able to make the most of the platform haha! What type of content is accepted with the #jahm tag?

Content acceptable with a JAHM tag would be any Reggae music, song reviews are most welcome, (Reggae is a thing in many parts of the world, not just Jamaica) anything about Jamaica.

I have been welcomed and all I knew about Jamaica before joining in was from following the cricket, Usain Bolt, and Cool Runnings. Posts don't need to come from personal conection, researched posts work just fine.

There are fairly solid quality controls, but attractive rewards for meeting those standards. People powering up their JAHM rewards will tend to receive stronger support.

Another great way to get involved is in the comments on trending posts. A few of us with stake like spreading small comment votes around. Here is one now.



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Lovely :)
The feed is dead important, @reggaesteem does have a little advantage over some other tribes in that its a comparatively niche community, however, I'm really pleased that the team took on-board the importance of good curation. I know I'm not going to be embarrassed when I open the trending page to a potential investor or content creator.
Erm, what's an OG investor?

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Hi Shani and thank you for the votes and reply! Not just a little I guess :D Yess curating is important as well as great content, you got to have it all actually.. OG means original gangster :) You are an old school early bird investor. All great :D Take care and hope you are healed quickly! Constantly imagine you don't have pain.. Fake it until you make it! X

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I am excited about the growth potential of JAHM. I bought a few tokens early on and I wish that I would have bought a few more. Great job!


Thank you so much for your comment! Yes I have seen you before! Post on RS some more often and if you want to you can stake it to vote for good content! Blessings

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@whatsthatcryptom, In my opinion you've really deep dived into ReggaeSteem Ecosystem and lined out all the important points which can empower newcomers. Keep up the wonderful work and stay blessed.

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Monster of a post man, hahaha you always create some cool graphics to go along with it too. Great top 10 reasons , just gets straight to the point and with a little humor in it. IRIE vibes bredda.

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Excellent explanation is a good investment proposal and is very motivating.

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WHAHAHAHAHAHA that one is amazing!!! Gonna keep it for the future

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Thank you bredda, I read it again and also liked it actually

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What an Interesting post about Reggaesteem. Keep up the good work!

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Just joined your Discord channel. Heard about ReggaeSteem tribe through a contest on Steem requiring the curation of two quality Reggae or Jamaican posts. That's when I visited your Tribe and took a look around. Interesting what you're doing here. Just posted yesterday my curation, so when I receive payout, I think I'll stake my Jahm.

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