Jamaica More Resilient Against Possible Global Recession!

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The world every day all around grows more and more in fear of another possible global recession, consequent on prevailing geopolitical, economic and other factors, have not escaped Jamaica’s attention.

Seems to be all the red flags and clear signs of this happening have all gone into forward motion with “warning lights that are flashing around trade tensions, currency movements, corporate debt, a no-deal Brexit and inverted yield curves, but there is little sign that policymakers are prepared for the storm ahead”.

In the event of all hell breaking lose on a world wide scale the Public Service Minister, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke, has been assuring that Jamaica has the fiscal space to respond to any significant downturn in the global economy, and the country is much better able to absorb external shocks!

Over the last 6 years Jamaica has recorded significant gains, with grow¬ing levels of reserves, uninterrupted periods of growth, and unemployment now at its low¬est in the country’s history. When its all said and done and the you know what hits the fan again it looks like Jamaica will be standing strong from a financial stand point and will keep moving along with no worries.

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Well lets hope so, but if its one thing Jamaica is good at at it is adopting to change,

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The outlook is above average and debt to gdp has been decreasing in Jamaica however there is still a significant risk associated with the weather.

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I agree with your
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@thomasgutierrez, In my opinion most of the people never receive the Prior Knowledge and Information and situations and tough phases are bombarded on them. Stay blessed.

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