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Vibes the 7-Mile only come from the seven-mile. You have to have been there to know what I am talking about. Who's been?

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Who hasn't been and wants to go? Talk to me. If anyone knows Negril - it's s-irie. Please drop your questions on me. I can't count the times I've been there on my own two hands combined. What are you waiting for?

-What's the best time out of the year to go?
-What are the best places to visit?
-How to wheel n deal 101 - lessons from s-irie
-Where not to go and what not to do?
-Places to stay, eat, visit, etc.?
-Events like JAHMfest that are a 'must attend?'

I'm a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Negril. Now, I don't know or will never know patois or the local lingo, but I'm still good for most everything else. All you gotta do is ask and I will answer. The s-irie calling.

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Ask something I don't know and I will find the answer. I have countless resources. Reference guides, boots on the ground, and experiences galore.

Now this post will be a fluid and open forum for whomever in the ReggaeSteem community or beyond that wants their questions answered. So, ready-set-go -- ask away.

s-irie won't sleep until he's got your questions answered

See you at JAHMfest

Get your Ticket if you haven't already if you plan to JAHM come June in Negril, Jamaica

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What’s your favorite thing about Jamaica. Negril in particular since that’s your spot

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Favorite is the fact that this is a one of a kind hang. Small knit community that makes it easy to constantly interact with people. If you have the opportunity to return numerous times, you will have that homey feeling and will be able to interact with individual Jamaicans such that your become friends.

best time of year to go?
best beach you've been to?

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Man only beach I have ever been is the Seven Mile in Negril. There’s lots of beach and never am I doing anything twice.
Plenty of beaches, but when I visit Jamaica, I don’t really travel around.
Once I find the real deal there is no need to be spending time driving around looking for something that could possibly be better.
Truthfully in my humble opinion I like
to leave the cold weather of the northern hemisphere and immediately chill the warm Caribbean in either December, January, or February. It’s prime time and temperatures are just right. Lots of tourists from USA and Europe. Although more people (compared to the summer) it’s not overwhelming. You are still experiencing and creating your own individual vibe.
There is lots of space to chill.

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Where do the prettiest ladies in Negril chill out?

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Beach my friend, wearing latest swimwear. And o’yea the reggae concerts where ladies are dressed to the nines. They are classed up, and looking good.

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What is your favourite thing to do in Negril?

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Favorite thing is just the complete vibe that is generated just knowing that you made it there again.
Taking pictures of all them experiences that just randomly pop up from absolutely no where. It’s all where your heads at and what you do then. The ball is in you court.
Do it!

Are there any homeless people in Negril, by any chance?
If there are, how many have you greeted?

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Great question.
I’m sure there are lots homeless individuals. That’s not the kind of question that I ask. However if someone appears down and out, and there are quite a-few, my strategy is that when I visit Negril, I always bring a huge, and I mean huge bag of clothes: shirts, pants, and shoes and give them out accordingly. And I try to do it such that the person isn’t offended.
I say, yo respect...I got something for you. Check this out. Conradsuperb and I receive some fantastic responses.

Actions show the greatness of each person, you are great brother, keep it up and you will carry the blessing of the Lord on you forever.

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