Road Stop Vendor

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He sits there all day. Everyday.
He arrives early AM and leaves
PM into the nights darkness.
Sole purpose to sell and earn $ and a living.

Wonder if he accepts Jahm?

His customers are the red plated taxis and their riders that transverse North/South on Norman Manley,
all day everyday. The main thoroughfare as you enter and leave Negril. He’s got just the spot to catch em on their pit stops.

Those taxis gotta stop somewhere while they are on the fly. No time to say hello or goodbye, you’re late, you’re late, you’re late. People on the move. Gotta go. Zoom, Zoom. And off they go on their way wherever they’re heading that particular day. Monday through Sunday. Fifty-2 weeks and
three-six-five days per year.

It’s hot and you are thirsty. Negril weather always 80s and sunny until 3 o’clock showers come and swiftly pass. In summer the nineties. At least he’s got himself a good spot. Right near the traffic light near Rondel Village hanging in the shade
of his awning.

Check out this colorful photo. Enlarge it. Look at his available display of ICE COLD ❄️ beverages. Man I could use a RedStripe right about now.

Now all he needs is a “JAHM Accepted Here” sticker for his irie setup.



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Reminds me of a couple of places here in Nigeria, I hope he makes sales...

In my country (Venezuela) it is very common to find these vendors everywhere we go, this is a way that many people have found to work and bring money for their homes and be able to solve many of their needs.

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