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Super-irie perspective

New ReggaeSteemian, @MrFloridaKeyz, recently posted an irie photo of himself on a ski-doo looking suave boa and striking a pose in Kingston, Jamaica. S/O to @dmilliz for bringing his bro to the platform - there’s always room for Jamaican content on the feed.

Well, ditto for me. I’m going to show you a real daredevil about to go on a solo ride on the 7-Mile Beach. Story goes like this:

We were hangin’ at Legends Resort
and these two Jamaicans zoom into the beach area on their machines,
asking if anyone wanted to venture on their ski-doos. @Conradsuperb looked at me and I said, “why not.”

Here in JA - money rules all else... they didn’t even ask me his age. (ELEVEN)

Cost $25 for thirty minutes. After a two minutes orientation on how to operate he was ready to go-go-go.
Here he is getting ready for ignition and blast off.

See ya I said. Me, I wasn’t about to be a passenger with him driving. I knew better, so I planted my feet firmly on the ground and waved goodbye on the 7-mile.

I had confidence in him, he knew what he was doing. The year before on a vacation we rented scooters and I let him drive his own. He did well. Gotta learn sooner or later. My philosophy is sooner rather than the ladder.

OK - that’s it for me. Now I’m going to hand over the mic and let conradsuperb speak the gospel on what he remembers from this here irie-venture.


Yo, @conradsuperb here. Pretty sure this is the first duo post on the feed. One post, two perspectives. Pretty cool.

I remember seeing these guys coming in hot from the cliffs side on their fancy water sport jet skis. I call them jet skis, @super-irie calls them - Ski doos. I think jet skis are more common nowadays, but super is old school.

Super-irie has always let me pretty much live without a leash, so I knew there was a good chance he was gonna let me go for a ride. All I had to do was ask and he said “no problem.”

We flagged these guys down, they took me on a quick test ride with one of them on the back, then I was off on my own. No turning back now.

I remember feeling like I was on top of the world. These things were fast and I was just a kid, so I felt like Ricky Bobby 😎

I was zooming around, making sharp turns, feeling super-irie!! The thirty minutes went quick and before I knew it I was being flagged down by one of them on another jet-ski.

The memories from Jamaica I have remain vivid in my head. There’s something different about this place that only a trip here will allow for you to truly understand.

Hope to see you all in Negril come June at JAHMfest !!

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what a fun ride good times

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I think they banned them after someone got hurt and died when one hit them while swimming. They need a zone for them. really fun stuff though. I am surprised u made Conner ride one so young, be if he is used to bikes these things are easy.

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As cool as Jet Skis are, they aren't allowed on the Seven Mile Beach anymore. It's a shame since it's the perfect place for them.

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Well that is really good news.
Those two stroke engines always
skunked up the fresh air. Plus noisy and kind of dangerous for swimmers.
No love lost here.

Horseback riding was a huge attraction on the beach years ago. Someone got hurt and thus banded. Well last time I went to Negril , there they were again.
Giddyup cowboy.

Give jet skis some time, they’ll
be back.

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