Jamaica Picture of the Day #5

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The Jamaica Photo of the Day
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You are hanging the beach, soaking up the rays. It’s hot and you’re swimming in the Caribbean, nothing could be better.

Or could it!?

In the distance over the gentle crash of the waves, you hear...

“Any Fruuuuuits, I’ve got...”

bananas, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, tangerines, coconuts...

Her voice is unique and it resonates loudly. Man wouldn’t a tasty, freshly cut pineapple hit the spot right about now. What do you think?
Wouldn’t that really be nice.

She walks the beach daily, her day starts early, and ends late. She makes her living selling fresh fruits which she carries and balances on her head. That head basket alone weighs 25-30 pounds — full of assortments of fresh fruit! Plus she totes around hand bags. Plus she’s walking the white sandy beach.

Don’t know her name, but referred to by all as — The Fruit Lady.



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Carrying three things at once ain't no joke.
That is skill right there.
It is balance

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This is what it's all about, giving publicity to what's really important, every corner of our Caribbean and in this case Jamaica presents us with characters like the lady of the fruits, these people are the ones who move the rhythm of life of each day, they are there even if they are not the protagonists, but doing their job efficiently. Example of life.

Good reference, it would be excellent for a good story.

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Provided all the information I could muster up about THE FRUIT LADY.
She was on a mission and could not be disturbed with me asking idle questions. She was probably a fountain of information pertaining to her life story.
Thanks for your feedback.

beach service with fresh pineapple and coconut, would def buy some!

Yes mon. Good to hear from you.
I’m laughing!!

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It always amazed me how these women could balance that basket in their heads. Yup super, a post with a pic and thoughtful insight makes for good content, reggaesteem is being redefined and that is a good thing.

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I think that everywhere there are characters that are references. I'm sure if one day it stops, many will notice.
Something that strikes me about people who work that way is that they have a voice that goes far, it's impossible not to hear them

Another thing, I find it striking to see how they carry those baskets on their heads, the balance they must have for that.

On Venezuelan beaches there are also those who sell that way, with some coconut sweets, which is characteristic of the beaches in Venezuela, one prepared with grated coconut and sugar.

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By the way @super-irie
In the background of the image is a house where I would like to spend a few days, with its respective boat on wheels ready...

I imagine it's in front of the beach, the most

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In all my times visiting Negril, the only
speed boat(s) that I have witnessed are far and few between.
The only ones I have seen are used for parasailing.
Normally when you go to a beach and tourist
area anywhere in the world, there
are all sorts of sail boats and boats with engines.
Negril...no way...only glass-bottom boats and a few
Makes it more appealing to me not to have all
those noisy ass, smelly boats around.
s-irie aka irie1

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