Jamaica Photo of the Day #7

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Jamaica Picture of the Day features

The Brain Doctor

Granted he has been featured before, but in all honesty, this photo speaks volumes on volumes.
I just have to share it, for you will not see this photo anywhere else in the whole world.

Only HERE on Reggaesteem.

Here he is with his mobile, on the fly pop up store. All his merchandise is custom and handmade with the Jamaican heritage onelove vibe. Nothing is mass produced; everything is one-of-a-kind.
How irie is that?

You purchase an item and
know this piece is yours, and only yours.

If you look closely you can see one Rasta belt rolled up on the corner of his display.

So interesting fact— I had him make me up five one of a kind Rasta belts.

I had to front him the $ to purchase the yarn, and he was good to his word. Next time we bounced, there were the belts. Gave one to my brother, one to @conradsuperb, one to Scuba Steve and ya you guessed it right— TWO for s-irie.

Every time we encountered
The Brain Doctor he was cordial,
up front, honest, and jiving his stuff.
His main hang out is on the Seven Mile where he does his business,
seven days a week. If you are lucky enough you will see him strolling
up the beach. Usually with a doobie openly displayed and sporting that great cosmic smile of his.

Ya mon

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must be going through tough times all those artisans who will be seeing no business these days ✌️

Good variety of necklaces, this man has a talent for creating quality jewelry.

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