Jamaica Photo of the Day #4

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The Jamaica Photo of the Day
features a photo of the legendary
Boat Bar, located in Negril, Jamaica.

This is one great beach bar
and is appropriately named.
The uniqueness of this establishment revolves around the fact that the the bar area, the focal point of the entire facility, is shaped like a boat. Check out that photo!Hence it’s original name and fame —

The Boat Bar.

It is located right on the 7-mile beach, set back approximately 30 meters from the colorful and beautiful Caribbean. Can you just picture yourself sipping on an ice cold RedStripe, just absorbing all the irie vibes, as you look out at the beach scene. People walking, vendors hawking and glass bottom boats docking. The irie never stops!

You will find combination of locals and tourists all enjoying cold refreshments and Jamaican food here. Be advised, drinks priced
for locals, not tourists.

This particular bar was featured last year on Reggaesteem.io by the one and only @luca1777, where he posted a video of a live music event taking place at The Boat Bar. You can witness his post here.

This place is right next to my favorite spot, The Rondel Village, and is centrally located on the 7-mile.
It’s inviting, unique, and draws a crowd.

Wednesday’s and Friday’s

It’s the hang— totally laid back. So, next time you are in Negril,
check it out, and tell them
s-irie said RESPECT and he recommends The Boat Bar.

Check it out.

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waaoo friend @super-irie
That's original... and very much in keeping with it. Who, seeing that image, doesn't imagine that it's a beach environment?

Hardly anyone wouldn't like to have a few drinks in that space...

Thank you for sharing.

That looks like such a cool place to chill with a few bevvies at the beach.

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Let’s go. Gather up the kiddies.

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So the boat is the actual bar counter ?

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Yeah the one side viewed in photo is aesthetic, but other side is set up with stools for customers to nestle up to bar area and drink. This place also has a pool table and small cottages to rent.

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