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super-irie has decided to start a separate account strictly for upvoting quality content being posted to ReggaeSteem. This voting account @s-irie1.jahm is set up to award posters that have proven to showcase high quality articles on the feed for some time. Almost mimicking the @jahm.whitelist in a way but this voting account will be auto-curated for posters that are on my list of quality Caribbean content creators.

This includes anyone who has previously been whitelisted, new users that are posting good quality and on topic blogs, vlogs, music videos, etc., and of course anyone who is Jamaican or accounts specifically associated with @reggaesteem.

If you are on this curation list, it does not mean that you cannot be removed at any point in time. Start posting off topic, low quality, or anything otherwise that may reflect in my decision to do so, and you will be removed. So it's important to keep posting good stuff, otherwise your posts will not receive what you think they may be worth.

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Don't post about places you've never been or things you have never done. No one wants to read a wikipedia recap and a few of your thoughts. Think bigger and start thinking outside the box. Find Jamaican or Caribbean related stuff, events, happenings from where you're from and post about that. Research current events and keep us in the loop with what's happening in the Caribbean. Are there any new artists you've heard recently? What about Jamaican venues taking place this week in Venezuela? Indonesia?

Let's keep this place pumping and expanding to all time highs. We're on the verge of something special here, and I'm glad to be a part of it with all of you.



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I like the name irie1JAHM, keep irie as always super.

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Your buddy @massaj came up with that one.
@Conradsuperb picked up on it on one
of the posts. We smiled. Really liked it.
We have given him full credit and acknowledgment.

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Good initiative brother, I hope to be able to cover your expectations and to enter in that select list, I give you a recommendation: when you see a publication with deficiency, "not of negative votes" rather advise through a commentary, this way we will gain focus and confidence, and in this way the publications and participants in this community will grow.

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Hello friend congratulations good initiative if it is true good I am Caribbean too Venezuela is part of the Caribbean I will investigate more of my land has good musicians ...

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Hello @mariluna, I would love to hear more about your daily life in Venezuela.

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Go for it mariluna
Your on the list.

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Blaze it! Here is a vote to support and help you grow! Love your work! All my tokens are staked and thank your community for the love.

Many blessings on your project!

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thanks for keeping an eye out for quality

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thank you for giving a guide to active here. I was very helped. I also hope that my name is on the new account voting list. :)

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