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Announcing The Winner of My JAHMin Contest...

As previously discussed in the original contest post seen here, a winner for the most accurate guess of the price of the featured Rasta head would be awarded 100 JAHM. An easy way to earn some FREE JAHM. Unfortunately, it seems as though most were snoozin' for a'broozin' and missed out on the opportunity presented just 1 week ago.

The contest received only 6 guesses and @conradsuperb even tagged 5 people to actively participate! To my dismay, no more entries! Agh, come on guys!

The First, the Only, the Last...

This will be it for guessing contests - no more will be offered from s-irie. You snooze ya lose.

The Winner Is...

@DMiLLiZ was the closest guess to the actual for sale price of the piece seen in this feature photo. The real price was $3,000 USD and @DMiLLiZ guess was $1,500 USD. Interestingly enough, dmilliz is pure blood Jamaican Don, so he knew the real time it took to make such a pure quality piece like this. This Rasta head took several months and thousands of hours to make.

Jamaica 2014 179.jpg
Conradsuperb and the Best Woodcarver in Negril - look closely and you can see the Rasta head CS wheeled 'n dealed for in this post

Dmilliz has pledged to donate his 100 JAHM payout for this contest. @DMiLLiZ, I ask that you please make a separate post stating what is done with the 100 JAHM prize you have earned for participating in this JAHMin contest. Your generosity is beyond thanks from the entire community- a real seen rasta, mon!

Thanks to those of you that took the time to read and take part in this easy JAHMin contest:

@leca - guess - $1,000
@doitvoluntarily - guess - $500
@crypticat - guess - $725 or (100,000 J's)
@dmilliz - guess - $1,500
@zhanavic69 - guess - $750
@jadnven - guess - $300



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LOL I knew that would happen. I promise not to enter anymore contests. It was a tough guess though, $3,000 wow but I think it is worth it.

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This guy had the best wood carvings on the entire beach. If you went to the craft market near Roundabout there are lots of craftsman, but dog eat dog, come see my stuff. And stores in town proper are all middleman, so huge market ups. Like low pressure shopping.
Truthfully don’t like shopping.
Congrats on your winning guess.

"Dog eat Dog" LOL I can imagine irie hahaha. I actually love these carvings, even more that I am miles away. I have the coat of arms here, a sexy lady:) A few painting too that need framing LOL.

Now I gotta figure something unique to do with this 100 JAHM, wining ain't easy LOL.

Who better to spread the Love.

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i wonder how many years he has been doing it for

@super-irie wow good to hear,his wood carvings are so beautiful...

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same dont know why i guessed so low, waaaay undervalued in that range!

@dmilliz you deserve it and you are also a lucky dude too...and you look handsome too...winks.....

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there is a friend I slept jeeejee have wanted to participate well it will be for a next hugs ..

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Sorry, I missed this although I would never have been able to guess the price!

congrats to the winner!

I knew I was going to be way off! what a great piece of quality, thanks for sharing and doing this game

Will Smith is going to hurt himself.

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from clapping?
or dancing? 😂

Stop it, can’t take it anymore.
LOL. Hehe

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Well, well, I think I was closer than everyone else, I only needed a 0' to get it right hahaha, excellent work of art my friend.

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While still way off, perhaps jmd was worth more back then 😸

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Your originally bidding in
Jamaican J’s was a classic move.
Conrad and I had words about that.
You might have walked pass this piece. It was just south of Coca la Palm going south.
Respect crypti

Your right didn’t place your bid in proper time frame. In 2014 I think conversion rate was ninety vs 138.

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