"GEUMPANG" - Celia Cinta Feat T Andie Seuramoe Reggae

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Hello Reggae song lover ..
back again with me @ steem15, as usual I introduce the songs of Aceh regional songs with reggae music. As we know, good reggae music that we hear, from the lyrics and the music is easy to understand and we sing.

The music I introduce is "Geumpang". This song is sung by a 12-year-old boy and a duet with the Seuramoe Reggae Band Group.

In the lyrics of this song, tells of a village that is located in one of the districts in Aceh Province, Indonesia. This song is more dedicated to students of nature lovers, but also to campaign for the beauty of tourism in the Geumpang area.

Geumpang is one of the villages in Aceh where the village has very natural forests, there are also many natural tourism objects that have not been touched by modern things.

Therefore, this music group tries to campaign through song lyrics so that tourists visit their village and enjoy the natural beauty of the village of Gempang.

I myself have never been there, but when I saw and heard the video of this song, I could see that there was very comfortable to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The conclusion that I can draw from this song is that this music group indirectly provides information to anyone who sees and hears this video. And immediately want to visit the earthquake.

This is my short review this time about the song Celia Cinta Feat Seuramoe Reggae entitled "Geumpang".

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Thank you for this great post and explaining the way the song and the video conveys so much :)

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Keren sekalee bro video ini, makin semangat ni promo reggae loka. Dahsyat.

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terima kasih bang atas apresiasinya.. aceh memang unik.. semuanya ada di aceh bang.. ini adalah sebuah kreatifitas orang aceh.. mengemaskannya kedalam video..

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Gron... Mantap adex adex oye..

mari kita populerkan lagu derah yang bertaraf internasional... he he

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