Easy way to help Reggaesteem promote new release music and earn JAHM upvotes

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Reggaesteem has had a new arrival recently, in the form of known Reggae producer @urchinsteve. He is the producer, and "long time associate" as he put it for Sean Paul.

Image Sourced from @urchinsteve's original post

Leveraging Reggaesteem.

A couple days ago, Steve dropped this post promoting a new release coming out on Jan 24. This is a real simple task, doesn't really cost anything to participate. Members of the Reggaesteem community will be upvoting participants with some Irie #JAHM upvotes.

All you have to do is Simply "Pre-save" the track on your favourite music streeming service - Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

Here is the link: https://ingroov.es/rosie-4

Screenshot some proof (note screenshots will be checked to ensure they are original) and then post your proof as a comment on this post -

Tribe members and heirarchy will be upvoting with JAHM (one of the hottest tribe tokens on Steem Engine) those that complete the easy task, and help @reggaesteem and @urchinsteve to promote the launch of this new track.

Check out the links above to earn yourself some JAHM tokens.



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Yeah man! It really is an interesting way to promote new music. And it is so simple. I imagine in the near future many will be using this approach here on the blockchain. Thanks for helping to get the word out.

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Thanks mate. I figured its up to all of us to spread the word, help with the onboarding of people that could be real significant influencers in Reggaesteem's future, and shine a light on what can be done here.

I really hope these sorts of promos gain some traction, as they could be a huge selling point for JAHM and Reggaesteem.


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I feel the same way, as simple as it is, these sort of things are valuable to musicians and labels. It also gives a different dynamic to listeners. I feel we will see more genius ideas in the days to come.

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Always love seeing your name come around a time or two in the form of posts. Usually quick, straightforward, to the point, and always high in the quality category. Music is a big part of RS, not the only part, but a large role player. With new players like @urchinsteve, it may draw some new people in to come share their love for reggae and Caribbean related content. It’s that easy, just like you highlight !!

Respect Jk!

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Thanks @conradsuperb - I saw the post from @urchinsteve originally and thought "that's cool" and it's nice to see someone influential using Reggaesteem like this. I circled back and it hit me that this needed more attention and a push as it is really a great thing. The tribe will grow if it useful for more and more people over time, and at the cutting edge of the new music scene and tourism. That's why I used my primary account, not my JAHM specific account - to hopefully get this seen outside of Reggaesteem and gain more participants.


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New technology will take a little time to see meaningful adoption but handing back control to the artists and their managers is a significant leap forward

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