My first week on ReggaeSteem

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Hey Reggaesteem, I have been here a week now.

Just thought it would be a good to do an update on everything so far.

Buying JAHM.

I have been in the market pretty active buying a bunch of JAHM tokens. Over the week, I have been able to fill my wallet now with over 14,000 so far. Not sure of the exact amount, but I have probably put in close to 300 STEEM to get these. Some of this came from a buy in of STEEM I did this week, and the rest from selling some other tokens I had accumulated to build a stake here. I think I have majority of the volume for the week. Here is the price chart for the week, with thanks to @gerber for his work in the SteemLeo discord:

I would guess that the price will settle back a little from here, but if other motivated buyers enter, who knows. My personal goal is 100,000 JAHM by the end of the year.

My starting Whitelist.

I've set up some auto-votes today, based on recent activity and who's work I have enjoyed and who I think is supporting and building the tribe up. If you are on this list, your Reggaesteem posts should get an upvote from this account. If you are not on this list, I've just started it and hope to add more great quality accounts to it over time. I will monitor it and make changes as necessary.

@bahagia-arbi, @botefarm, @chireerocks, @citimillz, @crypticat, @dmilliz, @doitvoluntarily, @donald.porter, @jongolson, @joseacabrerav, @mariluna, @missaj, @reggaesteem, @shanibeer, @slobberchops, @super-irie, @whatsthatcryptom.

While I know auto-votes are not ideal, this is one way I feel I can support those most active and producing good quality content. As I said I will monitor regularly for any changes I may have to make.

My Posts so far:

My favourite posts so far:

Alright, that's about it for this update, have a great day everyone. I hope to see plenty of comment's and lots of interesting posts to read over the next week.



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Thanks a lot for giving me this honour, I promise I will never disappoints both the reggaesteem community and you.

Also making plans to have a separate account to for curation before the end of this week.

I am hoping all is good with you my friend. Separate accounts creates more work, but I find it helps dedicate voting power to a specific tribe. There are many different approaches, this works for some, not so much for others.

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Good to have your report, I really like these investing perspectives. I'd like to see more investors in jahm as a good business offer. If they post and curate as well, that's nice, but simply investing as a way of building reggaesteem and of building a nest egg for the future would be good, too.
I'd be really interested to see a chart for the #jahm price for the past three months - is that possible? I think, at the time, it cost me less than £50 to get to 100,000 jahm.
If you felt like doing it, it would be great to have a regular investors summary or hrief (maybe monthly) with charts showing previous three months price/volume performance, number of staked accounts, any commentary (eg you talked about a thin market in a previous post) and any thoughts about how we could build the investment offer. (Nothing to time-consuming, though, bullet points would be great and easy to compare month by month).
@donald.porter would also be good to know state of delegations and how they help @reggaesteem.
We're starting to see delegations being used in @reggaesteem (@crypticat's jahm.whitelist) maybe there's a potential business offer in a @dlease model for jahm, with delegations to new accounts and an roi to delegators?
Also, I've mentioned this to @dmilliz previously, but maybe a buddying or mentoring process of pairing skilled reggaesteem accounts with newcomers, where the mentors get some benefit beyond knowing they're building the velue of the community and the token (maybe some jahm bounty)?
Congratulations on your stake and thank you for the autovote, appreciated

I'm trying to build up here before the crowds arrive. Here is the chart from Gerber's bot for the last few months:

I don't think I can commit to a regular investor post, stretching myself thin a bit at the moment and gotta keep time for the family. When and if I do make those kinds of posts I'll tag you if you like.

A delegation business is interesting, but well above my pay grade. I'm flat out adding up properly for @spinvest-leo ;)

Buddying newbies is a great idea, I also think a JAHM delegation to newcomers (particularly new to STEEM in general) would help.

Thanks for your comment, you are always making me think, and giving me homework. hehe

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Hey @shanibeer,

Yes the mentoring with benefits is a good idea, no one has time these days to do things for free. We really need help organizing and implementing some of the ideas we have coming at us. We have a lot of jahm set aside for marketing, promotions and on-boarding 🙂

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Hi! First of all, congratulations on that achievement. Thats a huge stack you accumulated over a week! Great to have you here. Also, thank you for the mention! Will be posting more from tomorrow on! KEEP JAHMING

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Thanks Mate. I like it here so far. Looking forward to seeing more from you

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@jk6276.jahm, Good to know about your journey till now. Wishing you wonderful journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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Thank you @chireerocks - Same wishes for you.

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Welcome and thank you so much.

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Have some more Jahm with an upvote jk6276. Maybe one day I'll add you to the @jahm.whitelist, posts like these are cool one and a while but it's looking for quality posts about Reggae or Jamaican culture.

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I would see my role here as more of a supporter of the white-listed authors than actually being on it myself - but I wouldn't say no. Nah, these sorts of posts will be few and far between, next one will probably be at 100,000 JAHM.

Thanks for the support.

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Understandable, it's nice to see someone else reviewing posters here. It's also cool to talk about the token the odd time too. 100k Jahm could take a while unless you start buying the sell wall.

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Thank you for the shout our and vote of confidence. Will be putting in some work on reggaesteem upward and forward.

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Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

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I agree, I can see big things...

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hello friend excellent explanation thank you for your mention God bless you greetings from Venezuela ..

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Greetings from Australia.

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Nice post bro, and thanks for the heads up... gerberbot (by @gerber) is now running in the reggaesteem discord


Cheers !BEER

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Glad you like it, more information is always a useful thing.


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You're welcome, and its great to have you join the tribe, thanks for recognizing the community and being a part of it. We win together

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