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RE: Rasta Unity Featuring Lutan Fyah - Youth Rize Up - Song Review with Lyrics.

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Hi Bredda! Great review and I like that you throw some Aussi vibes in here!
For SEO purposes: At the end, you link to another review and that's f awesome. But do it like this: OUT OF MANY RIDDIM By Upsetta Records X Loud City instead of 'this link'.

Stay awesome

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Thanks mate, someone's gotta bring the Aussie to the party. :)

Noted, I'm learning lots about SEO stuff, your input is hugely helpful. I've edited the post, fixing the link up. Will that help or once the original post is made, is that it for SEO?

Cheers, for the feedback.

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Shit sorry mate, I havent used Steempeak with this account, yet. So I couldn't see the reaction notification. But yes this is perfect!! I will make a 3 to 4 series post about SEO for Steemit and Tribes. No, it is probably not ranked or crawled that quickly, so you should be fine!

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