JAHM Whitelist Major Update, Voting Rules and Settings

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@jahm.whitelist now has 280000 JAHM!

To put it bluntly, if you are on the JAHM Whitelist your posts will get some very Irie upvotes but if you aren't on the whitelist you're missing out on a ton of JAHM rewards.

Image Courtesty of @whatsthatcryptom

What is The JAHM Whitelist?

It's an account, @jahm.whitelist with 280,000 JAHM and growing, it is used to upvote a list of members automatically according to specific parameters. These upvotes are worth 100 to 200 JAHM (at the time of posting) which instantly make all posts it upvotes worthwhile and valuable. The amount of JAHM delegated to the Whitelist and the number of members will continuously grow with the community. You too can be on the JAHM whitelist if you are a loyal and quality ReggaeSteem poster.

Voting Parameters and Settings

  • Maximum upvotes on 2 posts per day or 7 posts per week, let's be fair!
  • Posts should be at least 100 words
  • Reggae, Jahm or ReggaeSteem must be tagged
  • Posters who frequently sell JAHM, power down, or don't powerup receive slightly less rewarding upvotes than those who stack
  • Using https://www.reggaesteem.io/ or https://www.reggaetube.io/ will work, some front ends like Partiko or DTube won't, nor will posting through SMT tribes
  • Manual votes are possible for user-created videos, businesses, exceptional photography and other posts that should qualify but don't automatically.

JAHM Proof of Stake is Now Live
Image courtesy of @whatsthatcryptom

Existing ReggaeSteem Whitelist Members

@crypticat, @super-irie, @shanibeer, @bahagia-arbi, @joseacabrerav, @slobberchops, @whatsthatcryptom, @chireerocks, @mariluna, @botefarm, @babarakas43, @josevas217, @jk6276.jahm, @mistakili, @conradsuperb, @justinparke, @pouchon.tribes, @missaj, @thomasgutierrez, @zainalbakri, @luca1777, @trincowski, @ganjactivist, @ayjoe, @jahm.syndicator, @hattaarshavin, @zhanavic69 and a special congratulations to the newest member @jadnven, keep up the Great Work!

Why Am I Not On the Jahm Whitelist?

  • You just started Posting on ReggaeSteem, be patient
  • You post off-topic, spam, abuse tags, plagiarize
  • You don't put in enough effort
  • You don't stake any JAHM and sell it
  • You don't curate or engage the community

JAHM Whitelist Membership is a privilege and not a right!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please reach out to @crypticat or join us on the ReggaeSteem Discord

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Greetings Appreciated @crypticat.

Excellent initiative this white list.

It is a very well planned, organized and carried out strategy.
I must congratulate the Reggaesteem team, because the quality standards they handle will guarantee the continued success of this list.

I understand that it is not a private club, but it is exclusive, since you must comply with the rules to enter.
The monitoring of the behavior of the members of the list must also be constant since, I imagine, the privilege of continuing on the list can also be lost.

Again, congratulations!

All best, Piotr

Thanks for your thoughtful comment Crypto.Piotr. Glad someone like you agrees with this initiative. Cheers!

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

This is a good initiative to keep #reggaesteem fans on their toe for a noble cause and ultimately put value to the tribe.
Glad you say it right it is a privilege.
Thanks to all, let's #jahmmin'

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

It will be updated periodically and is intended to provide non-insiders with hope of decent rewards for their work.

Definetely a privilege that can be revoked for little reason 😸

@crypticat i would love to write great posts so that i can be listed on the whitelist someday...you are doing a wonderful job...

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Take a look at the trending posts, especially the reviews about new songs, news events or if you are from the Caribbean just post about your culture. It's easy, the quality writing takes a little time, none of us who didn't write before started off great. Oh, and proof read.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thanks! I'm honoured to have been included in the list! 😊

One powerful driving
force. Honored to have
you as part of the
Reggaesteem movement.
Respect s-irie

excellent cat good explanation is very clear and specific congratulations to the new members of your white list ...

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

It's not my white list, it's The Jahm whitelist. There is collaboration between active curators, large stake holders, the team and myself.

Love your work!!!!! Fire!

Staked all my tokens and hodl them! Love it!!!!

Keep that fire bright!

@crypticat, I want to appreciate these changes and hope that in near future we will going to see more and more Whitelist members. With that let's hope that this Initiative will encourage more Steemians to explore Reggae Content and ReggaeSteem Ecosystem.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

Supply of JAHM to the whitelist isn't the issue, its the supply of consistent, high-quality posters

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Sounds true. But we have to travel a long journey and it's just a Start and in my opinion in coming months we will going to experience exceptional results. Stay blessed.

I am glad to see @jadnven on the list! Congrats!

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I am truly happy to be considered in this prestigious list of #Reggaesteem, it is worth making the effort to create good quality publications and show the world the benefits of our Caribbean, my gratitude to even beautiful community, I will continue to work hard.

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Meow-rie mon!! Keep up the good work @crypticat. Sorry haven't been too active lately, bout' to head to the USA in two days to visit family. Blessed to be on the JAHM whitelist, quality over quantity for me. Have a malt beverage that tastes a lot like !BEER and stay !giphy irie . !trdovoter

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