Curating the JAHM tag as an Advisor and an Ambassador for ReggaeSteem

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What ReggaeSteem Means To Me

Hi Everyone,

For those of you in the community who don't know who I am by now, my name is Crypticat and I am an advisor/ambassador for ReggaeSteem. They don't pay me but do grant a small delegation for my efforts. I knew @donald.porter a while before #ReggaeSteem became a thing and have been posting regularly on Steem for 18 months. You can look at my wallet or past and see that not only am I an investor, I also write quality posts for both #JAHM and Steem.

My mission here is to make ReggaeSteem a success. When I was first introduced to this community I knew they were on to something. Unlike most of the other tokens which aren't really good for anything asides from speculation, JAHM can be staked or traded for rewards see here for details. No one has taken advantage of this yet, but @roger.remix said he is going to Jamaica soon and I hope to go this winter to see if it works for myself. If #JAHM is not accepted in Jamaica rest assured, I will be very vocal about my disappointment.

I used to work in tourism and understand the importance of fostering connections within the industry. Jamaica is not just another island in the Carribean, I have never been there but know the culture is incredibly rich. ReggaeSteem is a community where people come together and discuss and share things about Jamaican culture, be it music, food or travel. Artists and business owners have a chance to directly speak with people who care, people who care may have a chance to have a better time if they ever book a vacation to Jamaica-this is the way I see it.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 21.55.23.png

How I Curate on JAHM

If you want an upvote from me, a downvote or to be ignored pay attention.

JAHM is:

  • JAHM is a place to share your thoughts and discuss Reggae and Jamaican culture. You can even discuss Jamaican news, a past trip or how much you want to travel to Jamaica. The better your post, the bigger the upvote.
  • JAHM is a creative community. If you're an artist, you will kill it (do very well) in the upvote department especially if you are making music.
  • JAHM is tribal, it's a token to promote Jamaican culture and used to reward people who like various aspects of Jamaican culture. Be loyal to the tribe and you will do well.
  • JAHM is for fun

JAHM is not:

  • JAHM is not a token to speculate off of, there are plenty of others for those of you wishing to make a profit. If I see people flipping (buying and then selling) it for profit, I will not upvote their posts.
  • JAHM is not to be used as a tag in hopes of getting a random JAHM upvote, your posts must be original and relevant to Reggae or other aspects of Jamaican culture. Please don't write a few lines in the body of your post about Reggae in hopes of getting a JAHM upvote either. Feel free to downvote people for tag abuse.
  • ReggaeSteem does not condone plagiarism, it's a community to support artists. If I see a post that says something along the lines of "Great Reggae Tune" with a link to a video from another artist, I may downvote. You may get a warning first if you are new to ReggaeSteem and Steem but PLAGIARISM IS NOT TOLERATED anywhere.
  • JAHM is not SPAM if I see you posting mediocre posts multiple times a day (you know who you are) I may start downvoting for abusing the rewards pool and/or spam. Please put in some effort and originality. Original photos, songs, videos or 100 words is a recommended starting point.

I Want to See ReggaeSteem Grow

The more quality posts the better, the more originality even better! I want to see artists, fans, reggae lovers, tourists and Jamaicans interact with each other. I really want to see people meet each other, make friends and watch this work in person. If you have no value to add and are just selling your JAHM on a regular basis, I don't want to see you here.

Please note, I do not recommend you buy JAHM in hopes of making a profit and I don't know if it will be accepted in Jamaica despite the promises of the community. Do not go to Jamaica and attempt to use JAHM without speaking to community leaders/ambassadors at least one month in advance. I am a top 10 holder of JAHM and want to get a stake to go to Jamaica and see if it works.

Thank you for reading this post, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on discord crypticat#1770 Please don't get offended if I downvoted you, just think of it as redistributing the rewards to people who are more deserving of JAHM.

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Thanks for the informative post. I'm somewhat confused with the plagiarism part. I typically post YouTube videos of songs or sounds that i enjoy. I'm not an artist but i like sharing other artists material. So am i in the plagiarism spectre? Thanks

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Yeah, very thin line there to avoid but if you consider it like YouTube (our target audience for ReggaeTube) it’s very common and YouTube videos are predominantly not made by the uploader. But even YouTube recommends a source link, copyright info and proper credits to the creator. They will take action if need be, in regards to ReggaeSteem it’s up to the community to decide and take action.

Personally, I won’t downvote or say anything as long as there’s proper credit and not pool abuse. I believe the quality of the shared information can be more valuable than the posters ‘opinion’ ... imagine if every YouTube video upload came we a preposition or implicating opinions before the viewer gets a chance to watch. That’s not the vision I see for ReggaeSteem.

The opinions should be in the comments. But, it’s up to the community so (out of my hands) 🤷🏽‍♂️


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You are good bro, you always give insight into what you are sharing.

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Alright thanks bredren

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If you copy and paste an article or a song and don't say much on your own, it's probably plagerism. I'd expect someone to say why they like the song, what it means to them, something about the artist, a story about it, etc. Dropping a link and saying good reggae #Jahm isn't necessarily plagiarism but it's very low effort.

Usually I try to link it with some activity since I do t know much about music but I like listening to music while doing other things that are interesting enough to blog about. Talk about beer and reggae, travel, jogging, dancing, driving to work, whatever makes you happy.


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Hello @crypticat, Reggasteem ambassador and adviser :)
Great set of guidelines for how you intend to do things. I specially like the flipping and spamming ones. I, too, watch who's selling JAHM and I'm looking for people who are building their stake in Reggaesteem.

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Hi Shanibeer,
You're buying more #Jahm than me. We are punishing the people selling it to us for cheap. I'd much rather compete with someone going for a stake than a speculator. Also want to see more content creators and heavily reward those.


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Completely agree with rewarding people building a stake and good content creators, that way we all grow together.

I totally agree to your though about ReggaSteem and JAHM. Frankly, I learned much from your prospective and motivation on JAHM, I did what I have said before that I staked all JAHM I earned. I hope you always want to share your great thought and spirit for me and others.

Thanks for your great words in this post, @crypticat.
Regards from Indonesia

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Thanks for the kind words, I borrowed most of it from the Steemit FAQ or bloggers code and adapted it. We have to work together to make reggaesteem a better place and I hope to improve the guidelines with input from the team and other ambassadors.

Hi @crypticat

Carry on Jammin' brother, sounds like a good way to roll.
Reggae is probably the only music genre that brings all the other music genres together.

One Love.

Glad you approve, just trying to keep it real


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