I Wish I Could Fly : Tuface

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My people
I see the sun in the sky
But it's an illusion, I am feeling so high
From the stress and madness of today
My brother, edey pain me, but what can I say
I say na so so confusion, complete pollution
Total corruption in every nation
I feel like wailing, but my voice dey fail me
And now it's got me going crazy, plus it's got me wishing wishing.
I wish I could fly, fly, fly up to nowhere
The only thing in my eyes is tears of frustration from what I am feeling inside
Cos it feels like Armageddon is closing in on me
In the middle of the beautiful things in this world Destruction is all I see
Sodom and Gomorrah is coming back again
I constantly feel the pain upon the innocent people being Slain
But I remember say my papa bin tell me lyrics from
Say my son, e no go easy, e no go easy for sheezy
I feel like wailing, but my voice dey fail me
And now it's got me going crazy, plus it's got me wishing wishing
I wish I could fly to South Africa without a visa
I wish I could fly to Japan and say
I wish I could fly to Ethiopia and say how far
I wish I could fly to America and tell them I am super duper Star
I wish I could fly everywhere
I wish I could fly, say I wish I could fly
You know the kind fly wey I dey talk about
No shaking man
Anyhow, one love man
But I'm stuck here, can't fly nowhere man
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This is a song of wishing, and moaning and groaning about a decayed world and the very possible way out of here.

Here the legendary tuface reminisce on how life has treated him in a rough way to the point of him only wishing, wishing that things could only get better by time.

I really love this song because of its lyrics the most and how it says some deep truth about our society and how a man should comport himself in an unreserved world.

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This is a good song ! Conscious lyrics! Thanks fir sharing the track & lyrics

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