Last Night's Dinner (Ackee & Saltfish)

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Last night i finally made the ackee and the breadfruit that my mother sent me in the package. Yo bredren this dinner slap weh. Won't be much writing in this post just gonna post the pics.


All the ingredients for the meal.


The saltfish after dih salt done boil out, and flaked.


Saltfish mixed up with the scallions, tomato, scotch bonnet pepper, onion, and garlic.


Mixed in the ackee and added some thyme and black pepper.


Just haffi heat up dih roast breadfruit.


Fry up some plantains and dinner done cook. You see the finished product uppa top deh.


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Delicious would be an understatement. Thanks for making me hungrier than i already was LOL


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@babarakas43 those plantain are just looking so yummy and i feel like i should just jump into the pictures and start eating the plantains..lovely meal you got there...thanks for sharing...

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Lol jump on in i got some more leftover i can share. Thanks a lot.

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@babarakas43, Wow, this Dish looks amazing brother. This Dish is telling that, you are a Food Artist. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Yooooo, where you get breadfruit? Ackee and saltfish I can get but the breadfruit is priceless man. That is a meal and a half right there.

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That particular breadfruit came from Jamaica. But here in NYC you can get it at most of the local Korean green grocers (fruit stands)

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Top notch photos of
your prep. Looking awfully appetizing.
Surprised that ackee
made it through customs. Recently travelled and got busted by sniffer dog for having two bananas in carry on.

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From what i know she never had trouble bringing ackee through. Maybe she just lucky. She brought through some sour sop also, imma make some juice later.

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Haha he didn’t like my tone, apparently neither did you. #savethecavendish

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@babarakas43 i love the fact that you gave the simple quick tutorial on how to prepare the meal,i will definitely try it out this weekend...

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Thanks. It's actually a pretty easy dish to make and i love the fact that you can tweak it to your liking. Enjoy!