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2011-07-24 - Sunday - 09:00 AM PST - FGOR163 - Tiff Dream - Screenshot at 2019-11-20 20:19:36.png

TIFF and 25th FGHS

2011-07-24 - Sunday - 09:00 AM PST - FGOR163 | At nine in the morning, on Sunday, the 24th of July of 2011 at my first and original home in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA: I was living at home back in my hometown in 2011 and 2012. My dream was as follows:

9am PST 163 Sunday July 24 2011 I awoke to a dream about my high school which ended with Tiffany Cumbo. I was out around the football field at the Forest Grove High School in Forest Grove, Oregon USA. There were people out there. There was either sports going on or something to do with music. It may have been a little bit of both. I am not sure exactly what I was looking at. I am not sure of my exact involvement with all of this. I was walking around. I made it up to the front to the parking lot area. I ran into Lionel Liberty and a bunch of other people that I knew from my high school era. We were walking from near the main entrance into the parking lot area. We were walking right towards the second main front doors to the high school FGHS. Suddenly it turned into Tiffany Cumbo's house space #170. It wasn't actually magical. Looking back at it, I I just don't understand how it worked. At the time I didn't think too much of it. I walked into her house. I am not even sure if I knocked on her door or not. I walked to her last room in that trailer at the front of the house, the one that was once her grandmother's. I was thinking about her while the dream was going on. Thinking in a dream is not normal for me. It partially means that I either knew that it was a dream or it means that I was just contemplating outcomes in order to anticipate things and in order to consider manipulating the series of events that are about to transpire. I may have been aware that she already died in real life. That may proof that I knew this was a dream. I am pretty sure I wasn't aware or that I didn't care or wasn't really thinking that it was a dream until I made it right into her room. Her room was as it was around 1995 when I was around ten and she was about nine, which was when I would hang out with her anyways there then in real life. Her age in the dream was nine and sixteen. She died when she was sixteen in real life. I felt like she was either sixteen or 24 or nine. She would be 24 right now if she were still alive. She was a little bit of both. Her room was as it was in 1995 when she was nine. It was messy. There were toys, clothes, dishes, barbies, and things all over the place. She was sitting on the floor playing with some toys or she was just sitting there in a sad kind of way. She may have been puzzled about dying or something. It reminds me of dreams she had in real life about going through some Disneyland ride that took her into Hell. It also reminds me when we kidnapped her when she was around five and we took her to Vacation Bible School (VBS) one summer day around 1991 or so. Her parents were upset because she got back late, like 8pm maybe that day. Or was that another time? But there she raised her hand and talked about a fear of moving. I got scared then too because I didn't want her to move then. She was scared about many things.

In the dream, after being at the high school, after running into friends, I walked into Tiffany Cumbo's room. I got onto my knees, I looked her in the eye, or I at least tried to. I just wanted to treasure the moment. I was trying to ask her some questions. In real life, I am not sure where she is right now but I do know that I was begging for some answers from her in the dream. I was holding on for dear life. I wanted her to talk to me. I tried my best not to wake up. I can't remember my exact words. I am hoping that the questions were cleaver and sincere. But I woke up just then.

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