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Trump is trying to destroy America via the Covid Hoax. Orange Man Very Bad for making us wear masks. You have to wear masks. Trump wants you to wear masks. It's Trump's fault for creating the Corona Virus Deception. Trump colluded with Russia and Putin to trick the world with Covid. I'm joking but imagine saying this to an SJW NPC leftist. Say something like this to neo-liberals and let me know how they react. They want to not do what Trump says. They want to wear masks. But they also want to not do what Trump tells them to do. So, if you tell them Trump wants them to wear masks or that Trump invented the Covid Hoax to destroy America, I wonder what they might say as they believe Trump is destroying America. So, tell them what they want to hear, what they already believe, and spin it to break their brains. Mortality for this thing is less than one percent. The flu is so much worse.

MAGA Hat Masks

Trump created the Scamdemic to destroy America. Trump wants you to wear a mask. Wear a mask for Trump. If you love Trump, you will wear a mask. Thank you for wearing a mask. What is a mask? Thanks for asking. A mask is a MAGA Hat. Trump is burning down our economy via Covid. Trump wants you to wear a mask. Put on your mask. Thank you so much.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-23 - Tuesday
Published in June of 2020

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Project Veritas - LARA KONTAKOS

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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General Shepherd

12:18 AM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Mon 06/22/20 Full Show 720p

Trump Rally

They required people to wear masks and take their temperature and so many refused and didn't go. Trump needs to fire more people who are making bad decisions accidentally and purposely.

Trump faked Covid to destroy America. Trump is very bad for creating the Corona Virus Deception to demolish the United States.

Trump wants you to be a slave to Covid.

New York Times: "Even tho it's true, it's false."

In Australia, a mother went to a anti-lockdown protest with her two kids in a stroller and police stole the police from her.

Lionel Nation

02:34 AM - Live Stream: The Expurgation and Bowdlerizing of My/Our History

Rick And Morty

2020-06-23 - Tuesday - 02:52 AM - 03:16 AM - Rick & Morty 410

Clones. Who is the real one and the fake one? Star Wars parody. New Hope lasers can't destroy jeans. Too Ford tough. Invisible garbage truck Jerry Man.

The Great

2020-06-23 - Tuesday - 03:16 AM - 04:08 AM - The Great 104

One of the church leaders went to the emperor, said the emperor was so bad and then he lit himself on fire via the candles, to his death. The girls slap her up. He thought he had a vision. But he was just high on like mushrooms and thought she was an angel and she told him that God wants him as the next patriarch.

Lionel Nation

08:27 AM - Live Stream: The Expurgation and Bowdlerizing of My/Our History

Small vs Big Government

08:40 AM - Hive

Absolute power corrupts absolutely as seen in expanding empires such as the Roman Empire, Babylon, Persia, Assyria, etc. I'm against monopolies, plutocracy, etc.

Returning Power

08:41 AM - Hive

I believe in the 9th and 10th amendments.

Understanding Rights

08:48 M - Hive

What you're saying is not true. If I steal your thing, it does not become not your thing because you did not enforce the possession of that thing. Something can be wrong, even if it happens. There are consequences for actions as seen in natural law. Some call it karma. You do good and good happens to you, generally speaking. Rights do not come from people and are not enforced or protected by people.

Trump is trying to destroy America via the Covid Hoax.

Ryan Kinel

07:10 PM - Darth Plagueis Is Officially NOT Disney Star Wars Canon, And That's A Good Thing

We officially found out something that fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (Legends) have known for a long time, that Darth Plagueis is NOT Disney Canon, and that's a good thing. Also, I mention is this video that the book came out in 2008, but it was actually 2012.

They could still make books, movies, etc, about the master of Palpatine, regardless of whether they rename him or not, they could still mess with the idea of Palpatine's backstory and everything. Either way, they can still mess with it. But this way, it appears that they would have to mess with it more indirectly which in theory protects this book. I love Plagueis and that book that talks all about him like you said.

General Shepherd

07:22 PM - The Alex Jones Show Tue 06/23/20 Full Show

Black Lives Matter is Marxist.

The lady is.

She says they are.

Touch N See

09:42 PM - Hive Comment Update - Photo Added

1992-08 apx - Touch N See - Washington County Fair.jpg

Project Veritas

LARA KONTAKOS, Facebook Social Media Content Moderator, said, "If someone is wearing a MAGA hat, I am going to delete them for terrorism and I'm just going to like go crazy."

On Facebook, they would posts golf maps of where Trump was and ask Iran terrorists to go there and murder Trump and Facebook chose not to remove those comments, posts, etc.

Elites get clean vaccines and we get contaminated vaccines.

Mask exemptions.

You're exempt if you have brown skin.

Homeless are exempt from wearing masks.

If you are swimming, you are exempt.

If you are under ten, you are exempt.

If it hurts you mentally, you are exempt.

Tracking Board

11:40 PM

Soros and Chelsea Clinton on the board for tracking people in the name of Covid Safety.

Finding Public Posts

11:51 PM - Facebook

Heidi Brotche McCutcheon, They gave the permission to the world. See, the information is already out there. I could find it in ten seconds. So, it takes you more time to pretend to hide what you cannot hide. You are only playing game with yourself. There are privacy settings on posts. It clearly has an image of a globe, of the world, on that Facebook post which means anybody can see it and read it. So, I could Google the words from the screenshot and I would find it. I could show you how to do it. You just need some good search engines like Google or Facebook or Duck Duck Go or Bing. I could show you step by step how to find things in the Internet. So, you can hide things if you want. You have that freedom. You have that right. But don't pretend that a public thing is private when it is not. Yes, you do it because other people do it. So, you are just trying to be normal. But people who do this are wrong. But it is the cool thing to do. So, you are simply trying to be cool. But it is very easy to find public info. Yeah, sure, many people may not know how to find things. Many people may not take the time to look. Too many people are too lazy to look. But they could.


Did you know there are mask exemptions?


04:08 AM - 08:27 AM - Sleep. Weird dreams I forget. Breakfast: coffee, orange, buttered oatmeal. Work from 11:30 AM - 04:30 PM. Five hours. We dropped off the trailer with the machine to the place of the clams. Pressure washing oysters. Air mattress. Racing bicycle. Mexican food cart place. Food. Getting off barnacles. Conversations about my college life. Hawaii. Vietnam. Vacation home. North Carolina. I went to South Carolina. Fire ants. Red ants. Bout to bust one. Deer. Be ready. Dinner around 05:00 PM. Nap from 05:30 PM - 06:40 PM or so. Update. On laptop now. Evening yard work. Rake out dead grass in the front yard. Oh, I see the raspberries harvest. How much I wonder. Refer back to the main thing of the day. Phone. Bike. Big garage. Mail. Eat. Alex Jones. Yes. Good. I only asked because I forgot how much the bonus was. I was thinking the bonus was 20. But my brain thought that because I saw the twenty dollar bills. So, my brain did an association thing. So, I guess I erased what you said in my brain. I counted 80. That's good. I just wanted to make sure. Nap from 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM.

Shelton Talks

Admins are removing my comments and posts in Shelton Talk. I talked about Goodwill. I talked about about what happened there. The admins are telling me and the world to not talk about what happened at the Goodwill near Fred Meyers in Shelton, WA.

Mortality for this thing is less than one percent. The flu is so much worse.

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Trump created the Scamdemic to destroy America. Trump wants you to wear a mask. Wear a mask for Trump. If you love Trump, you will wear a mask. Thank you for wearing a mask. A mask is a MAGA Hat. Trump is burning down our economy via Covid....

'Safetyism' and Political Correctness on the Loose

Censorship - Groupthink is a Forcefield

Coronavirus Hoax: Empty Coffins in Brazil



The Great Reset: The Rich Get Richer…

BLM protest allowed, but anti-lockdown protest gets slammed in The Netherlands

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