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Penis Virus. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your hot dog. Your immune system is your body insurance, your health insurance. This virus was created. It is deadly. But why ask the virus creators to save you? We can save ourselves by being healthy. And life is risky. We used to talk about regret.

Die Freely

I would rather live life as a free man than to regret not living life. I would rather be free to get the virus and be free than to be a slave forever and regret NOT living. I hope you remember when we used to talk about regret vs failure. That is what this is all about. Freedom vs fake safety. If I own land, I should have the right to have ten people on my land.

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2020-03-31 - Tuesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-31 - Tuesday

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Westworld - Season 01

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Joe Rogan

12:00 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1443 - Jonathan Ward

Government Submit

12:46 AM - Hive Blog

I wonder what the original language actually, the Greek, the Hebrew, that is when we deal with Romans 13 for example. I wonder what submit means. I wonder if Paul was trying to contrast submit with something else. Perhaps, Paul was telling people not to slice off people's ears like the one guy did and then Jesus put the ear back on. I don't think Paul was trying to tell Christians not to peacefully protest or vote. I don't think Paul was trying to tell people not to educate and expose corruption in the government.

New World

12:52 AM - Hive

In your analogy, Sun is to Hive as COVID is to what exactly? Would it be simply crypto related things in general or would it be new spending habits like you said or natural remedies or what?

Changing Things

01:00 AM - Hive

Perhaps, Hive should do away with the shading of downvoted content. Perhaps, replace downvoting flags with dislikes. Perhaps, add the option to utilize different reward pools and tips. Perhaps a different system for voting for witnesses that requires some kind of authentication to prove a person is not a bot when voting and do away with voting via how much money a person may have in an account.

One Million

01:08 AM - Hive

What about Space Force and why 1 million and I really hope Trump is trying to prepare for a way to begin draining and locking up more and more of the swamp, the deep state, the globalists, communists, technocrats, control freaks, etc.


01:47 AM - Hive

I was teaching English in Saigon, Vietnam and some people told me about Taiwan but I have not been to Taiwan yet but maybe someday. Please stay safe. Take care.


01:53 AM - Hive

I didn't know gold symbolizes the light of God, but that makes sense. Love the paintings here, the evolution, and everything. Who is the Alba Madonna? Was she a queen?

Life Love

01:56 AM - Hive

The meaning to life is love.

I would love to help teach people how to homeschool via the Internet.

900,000 podcasts or so in America.

Around 900,000 different people have podcasts.


2020-03-31 - Tuesday - 02:20 AM - 03:27 AM - Westworld 101


Country western genre

But in the future

Groundhog day

Man cannot be killed





Westworld is a hybrid of the Matrix and Dollhouse



Old guy says this is as good as it is going to get as they can heal people

2020-03-31 - Tuesday - 03:29 AM - 04:30 AM - Westworld 102

He asked the girl, "Are you real?"

She said, "If you can't tell, does it really matter?"

Clay Aiken like





Joy Villa

10:45 AM - Let's Talk Emotional Health During The #quarantine

Thug Goosh

10:48 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

Cuoma said he only had 400 and hey, you go pick the 26K to die or some big number out of like 30K or a lot of people.

But first come first serve.

Free Markets

You don't know who will die

And natural remedies

Eye of Sauron

10:58 AM - Facebook

Eye of Sauron in NYC. Reminds me of a movie called The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey.

Bubble Cities

11:12 AM - Facebook | Hive

Control-freaks are tricking humans into killing not zombies, not walkers, but simply sick people who may or may not have diseases, viruses, etc. They're persuading people to live inside the Smart Bubble Cities, the Matrix, in Toronto, Austin, Denver, London, etc. In the end, they'll try to nerve-gas everyone (in the Bubble Cities) to cleanse the planet of the homo sapiens for once and for all. Are you going to just let them do this?

IBM funded Microsoft. That means Microsoft is IBM. Look at what IBM Thomas J. Watson did in the 1930's.

IBM and the Holocaust

Thomas J. Watson

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

"Watson Business Machines"

Thrill of Life

11:37 AM - Hive | Minds

Hive is a reboot (fork) of Steemit.com or I mean Steem, for those who don't know, in the world of cryptocurrencies, the good news is that people are trying to decentralize the Internet more and more via these projects, blockchains, websites, apps, crypto coins, etc. The good news is that in the mist of hard times, many people do come together to work together to innovate, to compete, to really start movements that do in fact change the world for the better. We all have roles to play. We all can be part of these different projects out there and the challenges we face is part of the thrill to the meaning to life itself.

Dear Farmer Hanna

12:36 PM - 2010-07-21 - Wednesday - 01:49 PM - Dear Farmer Hanna | Blogspot

2010-07-21 - Wednesday - 01:49 PM - Dear Farmer Hanna Screenshot at 2020-03-31 11:57:54.png
2010-07-21 - Wednesday - 01:49 PM - Dear Farmer Hanna

Dear Farmer Hanna (not to be confused with Applesauce Meg Ryan or Vanilla Yogurt Oprah), Tom Hanks (not to be confused with me) was once in the film titled, "You Got Mail" (not to be confused with the fact that you're going to get some mail from me in the form of a flood of some ink). Please let me know if you ever get it, snail mail is slow, real, but I'd like to know how long it takes for it to get to camp.

Garden work. Weeding. Raking. Shoveling. Mail. Dishes. Soup. Vegetables. Cinnamon bread.

Grace & Justice

03:13 PM - Hive

I agree that God is love, meaning God is grace and justice as love includes both sides and people should focus on grace. However, some people end up either focusing too much on grace or justice.

Social Gospel Trap

There has been elements of the Social Gospel Movement that has encouraged too many Christians towards apathy, pacifism, and unhealthy perversions and compartmentalization towards tolerating homosexuality, corruption in government, etc.

Wisdom in Choices

Solomon said there is a time for war and and a time for peace, a time for this and a time for that. Solomon prayed for wisdom. We all should encourage each other towards better choices as opposed to becoming too passive like zombies. Globalists try to trick us into begging them to save us and they try to convince us that we are our own enemy and that we must kill ourselves to save ourselves. They promote murder, cannibalism, suicide, abortion, apathy, theft, violence, ignorance, etc.

Rationalizing Murder

Control freaks are brain washing too many people towards murdering people with the Corona Virus or who are tested positive for the Beer Bug or who have avoided getting the COVID-19 vaccines which they will be (if they haven't already) trying to force people to take.

We Are Zombies?

They trick us into killing people by renaming some people as TOO SICK or TOO JEWISH or TOO ZOMBIE LIKE or TOO COVID LIKE or TOO AIDS LIKE or TOO OLD LIKE or TOO UNBORN LIKE or TOO CONTAGIOUS LIKE or you know, fill in the blanks, at a subliminal level, they try hard to slowly trick people into thinking they are making their own choices to save the world kind of thing. Greta was told what to say as globalists were preparing to unleash COVID.

The Walking Dead Inside Us

Movies about zombies and television shows like The Walking Dead and the video games and the comics, etc, etc, have been planting the seed subconsciously into the minds of too many homo sapiens towards giving up on humans to actually killing people they deem JEWISH.

Hitler People

That's right, JEWS. They turn us into NAZI Like SJW bots. Oh, did I say JEWISH? Oh, I mean zombies. Oh, I mean people with cancer. Oh, wait, I mean people with AIDS.

Not Dead Magic

Oh, wait, why is Magic Johnson still alive? OH, cuz he stopped taking the bad medicine and yet many continue to take the drugs they give em and then they die.

Johnny Five Robot

Magic did not do that and Magic is still alive, around 29 years later as he announced that he had it in 1991 and he is now 60 years old as he was born in 1959.

Corona Virus

Oh, sorry, I mean people with the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. They are tricking people into unplugging grandma and in murdering or aborting babies. Abortion is promoted.

Kill Your Babies

Planned Parenthood is essential and church is not. The pastor who wrote The Killing of Uncle Sam was arrested. I recommend that book. We are in a big information war: Ephesians 6:12.

Reviewing The Killing of Uncle Sam

I would love to study connected ancient history.

There is value in following the money.

Akkad Daily

03:31 PM - The Problems Facing the West | Stefan Molyneux Interview

Debate with those with freewill.

Unless if it is recorded.

Then it could be a show.

Toi help those with freewill see and think.

A fake debate is a show.

Meaning educational.

Moving On

03:37 PM - Hive

I do try to write longer comments to some people sometimes and I sometimes want to simply say hi to some people and I contemplate saying more but then I move on to doing other things.

Mea Omnia

03:42 PM - Hive

I would love for a social networking system that would, instead of being like Facebook, utilize email-like communication between different websites, different computers all around the world, different servers, different programs communicating with each other in order to make email work, and also IPFS and Bit Torrent in allowing for each account to be independent and yet capable of communication cross-platform. We can call it Mea Omnia.


03:47 PM - Hive

Haha yeah, I heard about Thailand too. I have been confused between places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. Specifically, can I ask you how similar Hong Kong and Taiwan are or are not?


03:50 PM - Hive

I may have ancestors from Scotland. So, I'm a fan.


03:52 PM - Hive

Glad DKK is safe. Oh, DKK, not to be confused with DK, Donkey Kong. Hello DKK.

You love me. You really love me.

Virus attacks your balls.

Is zinc blocking viruses from entering cells?

Are we entering communism in America?

Google Natural Remedies


Did Patrick Stewart, who played Picard, have a father who would beat his mother?

Is that why Patrick chooses to be way too leftist in promoting Soy-Boyitis?

Trump Will Win 2016

05:07 PM - Hive

I wrote this four months before the 2016 elections in the United States saying Trump would be the 45th U.S. President.

Vietnam Marshall Law

05:11 PM - Hive

Lego told me that Vietnam is implementing marshall law to force people to stay at home.

Real Virus is Gov

Many countries are doing this and it is very bad, very dangerous. The good news is that it helps some people see that the real virus is government. Yes, the virus is real. Yes, the virus is a problem. But we also have bigger problems at the same time. The good news is when we are able to help people contrast and prioritize between different problems and solutions while seeking after individual freedoms at the same time.

Prior Obligation

05:31 PM - Hive | Facebook

Việt Max, currently, no price because I'm busy. But I do try to teach people on my Hive Blog. I do try to make videos. I try to make memes. I try to write things. I try to do different things to educate, entertain, encourage, equip, help, inspire, teach, aid, etc. But right now, I am not doing online English classes or other classes via Skype, Facebook, Stream Yard, etc, etc. But I want to and I do seek to do things in the future. I want to make sure I can have a daily schedule that I control. I want to make sure I have the time and space to have classes. So, I have to make sure I have a place to do the classes where I am not disturbing people who might be sleeping, etc. I also have to make sure I have a system for potential students to be able to pay me, for tuition, for my time. My current goal is to try to finish some rough drafts, some quick unfinished summary outlines of some of my top projects, things like home video archiving, family albums, photos, an autobiography project, writings, organizing some things, etc, etc, first off to say the least, in order to archive them, in order to have backups, copies, etc, and then I want to think about focusing more so on teaching more so, like classes on the Internet and/or offline too maybe..... and I am considering other things too.... so many different things.... I have so many different goals, desires, priorities, projects..... and I can get lost in different ones at different times and I can sometimes end up with too many half-done projects.... I can start projects and finishing projects can be the hard part..... so, I am trying to focus and perhaps get some things done first..... I went to Vietnam in 2012 and started my teaching English project.... but I also had prior obligations.... in 2017, long story short, I went back to America to attempt to finish some of those prior obligations..... and I really want to try to get some things done first...... and then we will see.

Banned Video

05:35 PM - Facebook

Marilyn Mitchell, see the link posted by Jorge Peralta, and I didn't post it just in case the AI tries to spank me for it. And I already say a lot that can get me banned already.

Aint Got All Day

05:37 PM - Facebook

Please speak up. I aint got all day. Just kidding. I got all day each day until I have none left.

Porn Hub Trafficking

05:39 PM - Facebook

What do you think about children who are trafficked and there are videos of it that goes to that website, have you seen those movies?

D Porn

You might as well put me on Porn Hub

Act N Earn

Find me on Act & Earn. And you might as well act and learn while you're at it.

Bangla Viral

You had me at Hello Flying Robot


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Here is my open letter to the world for today: I was on MYSpace a second and I saw a message they posted on the page talking about a hack that going on in 2016 or around that time. They talked about how user accounts were hacked. They said there is an investigation. I'm saying this because I'm worried that people may try to throw me in jail and I don't have time to talk about how I, Oatmeal Joey Arnold @joeyarnoldvn am in fact a writer and many things but am not a hacker in that I do not do things like that. I do not try to steal. I do not think I break laws. I try not to break laws. But innocent people do go to jail. I am innocent I say, as I write this a day before Wednesday, the first of April of 2020 in Shelton Washington State, WA, in Mason County, near Olympia and Seattle, above Oregon, above Portland PDX, I was born in Forest Grove, OR. I try to help people but some people try to throw me in jail and I was in jail in 2012, in July, on the 13th, a Friday, and I have written all about that many times. For the record, I am writing that I will never kill myself. I will not commit suicide. So, if I am found dead, then Clinton killed me or somebody did. People are trying to drag me into court. People are trying to sue me or will. So, pray for me. Please pray for me. I write a lot and people can attack me like they attack Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and Trump and Alex Jones and Roger Stones and many different Americans and even patriots around the world. I really do not have time right now to talk about how people are trying to kill and imprison good people and that may be me or even you. But be strong. I have written about this before and I wanted to write this down again that I am aware of the dangers as a journalist. This is very dangerous and risky but worth it. I have so many more things to say and I will be trying to write more and more about some of these things. Be aware that they try to frame good people and they lie about good people and they try to do many things to make people believe in lies. Be strong. Be smart. And be safe. Thank you. Yours truly, Joey Arnold.

Hive is NOT Steem

06:00 PM - Hive

Hive is Steem and yet it is also not Steem. It looks the same. But that is like comparing Canada coins to USA coins. They are both coins. You could say Hive is just Facebook.

I thought Soros George-aSoaraSoarus was already a meme hahahaaa.

Updating my Oatmeal Daily Template

Preparing for my daily April 2020 blog


10:13 PM - LOTR is Better Than Star Wars Change My Mind | Nerdrotic and Chillin' Like a Villain

One word: Lightsabers

I wanted to be a Jedi when I saw the OT special edition in theaters in 1997. I saw in the theaters, each of the original three films when I was 12 years old in 1997 and that was the first time seeing Star Wars in the cinema and I may have seen bits and pieces of Star Wars before 1997 but not all the way through until 1997 and I became a fan of Star Wars for the first time in 1997.

LOTR is better as a single planet but Star Wars is a galaxy.

@B H The music video to Dark Wing Duck blew me away in the early 1990's.

@Allen Fowler Yeah, Gargoyles is good. I didn't watch a lot of it but I probably should now.

LOTR as a trilogy is better and yet the mythology of Star Wars is full of possibilities.

The LOTR trilogy is kind of like Back To The Future with three parts lol.

@Allen Fowler Yeah, the reboot of Duck Tales is interesting a bit but kind of goofy.

The execution of the LOTR is obviously better than Star Wars. But I still prefer Star Wars because I love the ideas of Jedi and Sith.

@Nerdrotic I wonder if George Lucas is an SJW, as in a little leftist. If not, then he should consider doing something if he can.

Save Star Wars, George.

Regret vs Failure

10:46 PM - Hive

Depends. There are good people and bad people in government, etc. So, they can do good things to help people. The problem can be down the road, that is if people give up some freedoms in order to get protection from the government. For example, when government passes laws while nobody is looking. This virus is a test trial as globalists will be trying to release even worse viruses in the future and the globalists can tell each other that they have nothing to worry about as too many people are willing to give up their rights so the globalists can save them from the problems the globalists created in the first place. Yes, you are right that people can be healthy to fight the viruses. So, take some zinc. Take more vitamins A-E. Vaccines are bad. Government tries to lock us up forever. They try to take more and more. They grow like a tumor. There are control freaks out there that are trying to depopulate. They're in many countries around the world. They are destroying countries. This virus was created. It is deadly. But why ask the virus creators to save you? We can save ourselves by being healthy. And life is risky. We used to talk about regret. I would rather live life as a free man than to regret not living life. I would rather be free to get the virus and be free than to be a slave forever and regret living. I hope you remember when we use to talk about regret vs failure. That is what this is all about. Freedom vs fake safety.

If I own land, I should have the right to have ten people on my land.

They're trying to scare us.

Magic Johnson announced he got HIV in 1991 and he is still alive.

Magic played basketball with Michael Jordan.

The medicine was making Magic sick. So, he stopped taking it.

Some people with HIV, with AIDS, take the medicine that they give them and then they die.

But yes, they'll be trying to do more and more, always.

Some people may not win the battle.

People have to build up their immune system before they get too sick.

Apple cider vinegar is like a drink. But it tastes like medicine.

Like wine.

Vinegar taste.

I am home with my mom.

Maybe not forced to be at home yet.

So, my city has outlawed church, some stores, etc.

Yes, China started that rumor.

Vietnamese hate China and yet still fall for the lies China spreads about America.

That may be true to an extent.

They lie to Trump.

It is complex and simple.

It was a trap.

America has more people than many countries.

The virus has been spreading around longer than they say.

Chinese hopped into airplanes and spread it to many countries around the world as early as December of 2019, if not earlier than that as well.

Bill Gates had Event 201 in October of 2019 and they talked about this virus in that event with a bunch of people in New York City.

Good question. Vietnamese hate the tyranny of the Chinese government. The Chinese people may be ok if the Vietnamese gov is not as bad or maybe they just like the Vietnamese people.

Bill has talked about how there are too many people on earth.

They believe that they must sacrifice people to receive immortality.

The plan is to eliminate all people.

The plan is transhumanism.

They are the globalists.

Agenda 2030

There are different levels to these crazy people who seek after power.

Lower-level government people may not know what the higher-level people want to do.

The good news is that you can find good people and make friends and work together with normal people and watch out for the crazy people ahahhahahaaaaa.

Facebook has more power than many countries.

All I can do is all that I can do lol.

All you can do is all that you can do.

I try to tell people to be content with whatever they can do.

Lego Mark

You were my favorite student.

Very Joeyarnoldy.

Pick Yo Battles

Reviewing Vietnam

I need to start making better videos. Someday maybe. I added more pics to my Vietnam Outline.

I was updating my 2012-2017 Vietnam rough draft outline article Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.


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