YouTube's dirty little secret...

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Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse over at YouTube... as if censorship wasn't enough, you know, pulling videos, rigging the search, etc..

Welcome folks.. Today I talk about YouTube and a not so very discussed issue (sources are scarce/censored/unavailable, believe it!) Please read for a moment, this is quite serious. Let me grab your attention. You all know that Google Plus is being discontinued, effective April 2019! This is verified. But I'm actually here to talk about YouTube.

I'm sure you all know what this symbol is: ✓ This is a verification checkmark. If you are a partner, you are a verified user on YouTube. Many small channels don't need this. We can already upload videos, monetize and live stream... Well, turns out that if you want to continue being able to post videos, you're going to need this in the future.

YouTube has hinted that it is planning to discontinue the ability to upload videos for regular users. Your channels/accounts will only be able to create play lists and post comments on existing videos.

OK so where did this info come from? It was actually originally posted on Google's own blog, however it was redacted only a few days later. It was also later hinted at again during a conference video, where a congressman was roasting Google's CEO over the fact that users, by default, were opted in for discrete tracking (phones having the ability to track a user going from point A to point B... in a small room!!! The subject came up from someone else asking about it with a "no comment" retort...)

Because of this redaction, I can't really source it. You might say they put it on the back burner.. but I don't think so. I think they just weren't ready to officially announce it. It's possible they'll silently roll this out as not to cause an uproar. Can you imagine gamers and streamers were suddenly cut off? I'd imagine they'd instead receive some kind of email that warns them to get verified in order to continue operating.

Well what's so hard about becoming verified? There is talk about this on YouTube itself. The process is changing. You will first need to explain what your content is about, it has to follow strict guidelines, and you need to meet a certain quota of views/subs. I imagine that in the near future, after they remove uploading, you will be given a test period. If you meet quota, you should be verified. This is just speculation though, I don't know how they'll be screening people for the new verification.

So just be aware. It may or may not happen, but Google did talk about it at one point (this was back in January 2019). I have been searching for sources since, but haven't found any. If I do, I will definitely link them in an update/edit of this post.

This is definitely grounds for leaving YouTube, if you already haven't... and helping the alternate platforms grow. DTube, BitChute, BitTube, take your pick. I'm having a good time on BitChute, so best of luck to all.

By the way, if the above does come into fruition, what do you think will happen to the video I linked to this article. Do you think this guy's gonna lose his job? :P Are people gonna start complaining to him that they can no longer upload videos? hahaaaa… well, only time will tell. Again, just speculation, however Google did talk about it and I was surprised no one had written about it all this time... hmmm, it's quite peculiar... well, have a good one till next time!

PS - If you can help me find a source (I've tried, but came up dry) you can post it in the comments section. I'd really like to blow the door open on this issue.

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YouTube censorship is not good. I understand. They deleted my channel :p

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I feel ya :/ they killed at least 6 of my channels. The other channels didn't even post videos, just commented on political vids.

I have heard rumors like this before. With all the Adpocalypse's that have happened as of late, the possibility seems more likely than ever that YouTube will restrict uploads. I just have a hard time seeing YouTube making such a big change that would effect so many users and could potentially kill the site.