What's Sola?

in izlude •  29 days ago

This is interesting. I don't know what the purpose of having all these social platforms is.. what the heck am I doing with my time? Well we hate Facebook.. We hate twitter.. We hate Instagram!!! Why? Because if you post anything, people get mad. Stop getting mad, if you don't like the reads, don't read it!

OK So Sola is a pretty chill place. I seem to be getting a LOT more attention over there than I am here.. :'( Why you gotta be like that Steemit?

OK OK!!! To the point. SOLA is another alternate platform in which to make posts, blog, and... just have fun. It's fun. Look at all the points I've accumulated over there! I think it's approximately 1 penny... time will tell... I'm usually not in it for the money. I just hated when G+ used to hide my posts from public view. That's no good...

Check out Sola guys. Post here on Steemit, post there on Sola. What else is out there? I hear SocialX is supposed to be pretty good. I used to use the Alpha before they closed up shop. Now it's in closed beta :'( Oh SocialX, why you gotta be that way...

I don't mind people disagreeing with me, that's just fine! Please, please speak your minds!!! No one is gonna yell at you. You can also laugh with me or at me! Just please, get as many people as you can to get off FB, Twit, Insta etc... I wanna see those sites crash and burn!!!!!! GRAAHHHH

Ok I'm done... This post was fun x)

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