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Greetings friends. As you may have noticed, my banner reads "Izlude in The False Reality". My previous posts up until now were simply just random ramblings. Today I set off to start my original objective. This may very well get me killed, so for the record on this eternal blockchain, let it be known:

I am not suicidal. I have no intention of killing myself. I am not accident prone. I don't have health issues. I don't live very far from work and the road there is not dangerous. It is relatively safe here. If I end up dead, "They" killed me. I am not afraid to die, but in death, it will simply authenticate my postings. They are invaluable.

Also note that many of you (those who subscribed) are not going to like what I have to post. If any of my posts are hidden, simply click "show content". Remember that nothing here can ever get censored. I am not here to make money, although I have made enough in the past to buy a few hamburgers... Anyway, you are about to see my true colors. I deal in both the physical, metaphysical, and exposing of certain situations, such as our reality, government, religion and other things that are sure to piss you off.. You may unsubscribe at any time if you can't handle it.. my informants, research and private leaks are ready to fly.

I will also post from time to time, more often than not, random things... to liven things up! You like Thai food? Who doesn't... I may post a few recipes or rant on some video game, just to keep things real.

Hey my CPU comes later today, it's a Celeron, garbage, but necessary. Find out next time what kind of system I built and WHY I had to get a Celeron! See you next time! And after that......... I'll tell you all about how Masons tried to recruit me over at Cal Tech ;)

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