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Upgrading is futile!

in izlude •  5 months ago

Hello you phreaks and geekz! Nah I'm just joshin. Don't you hate that kinda slang? Bah..

Today's topic: My Corsair h100 CPU Cooler leaked and diedededed and I'm doing a small/big upgrade that is almost backwards! About the cooler, luckily it wasn't a gushing or dripping leak. It's the kind where air kinda gets into the loop and toxic coolant starts crusting around the tube.

I've had it for about... gosh I dunno, 5 years? Is that a good amount of time for these things? I know they shouldn't leak at all, heck I was hoping the pump would die before something like that, but life expectancy I would assume 5 is a good run.

SO! I've had to assemble this dinky little Q6600 based system as a hold me over. No games, just internet and social media. I took the opportunity to upgrade my CPU. Firstly, I'm running an i7 920 OC'd at 4.8GHz, but mostly at 3.8 when I'm not emulating. It's a C stepping btw, don't ask me how I did this...

This chip barely handles Citra (KHDDD). Was also hoping to get a go a Breath of The Wild, but nope.. won't load...

I found a $30 (XEON) x5670 and put in an order. It arrived 2 days ago, and the new cooler (a DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 240EX RGB-AIO CPU Liquid Cooler) will arrive tomorrow. Apparently this chip is better than the i7 980x (a $1200 chip at the time) and even batters a few ivy and sandy bridge chips. It's like I'm upgrading yes, but I'm STILL using very very very old tech. Ugh!!!!

I was really hoping to go for the Aorus Gaming 7 z370 and an 8086k and kinda use the onboard vid until I could get a 1080 ti after saving a lil more... but if this xeon chip actually lets me play with decent frames on the two above games, then I guess I won't be upgrading after all since it would be satisfactory. I'm NEVER gonna get my dream machine at this rate...

So a quick recap! I'm using an i7 920 3.8/4.8GHz on liquid cool, Rampage III Extreme, 6GB RAM (1600 tracers) an evo 850 SSD and a Radeon 5870v2. Cooler died, took the opportunity to upgrade the CPU whilst getting a replacement cooler. Total cost = $135 for the two items.

Could barely play KHDDD and BOTW simply wouldn't load. After I install everything, I shall take a video of the attempted games running on the new CPU.

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