The Raccoons Reboot 2019

in izlude •  3 months ago

Alright, so it is definitely confirmed. The Raccoons, that beloved 80s cartoon from Canada, is getting a reboot. I was a big fan of it here in the US (aired on Disney). I'm quite excited for it. I'd like to give my input about Bert Raccoon's new design.

Attached below is an image of the different edits. First, we see Bert's original design on the far left, then the pitch pilot right next to it. The pilot's design looked to be Flash, not bad at all. I actually prefer this design the most, however the animation itself seems to have made use of the "bone tool" in Flash... and that's not good (go look up a later Caillou episode). I prefer a more fluid and natural animation, this show deserves it.

Now we have an entirely new redesign. Gravity Falls meets Regular Show. Not flash, but something similar to what Toonz is capable of producing, but who knows what they're using. Bert's nose straightened out and he almost looks like a rat. I can tell you that a lot of fans were't too excited about it, however the team went ahead and redesigned him again, this time with a bent nose. I'm glad they're at least trying and listening, I'm sure the final outcome will be more than acceptable, especially since the story and presentation are all by the original creator of the 80s version.

But then, I got curious. I noticed the bent nose redesign's nose was a bit long. My eye kept catching it, and it feels funny. So I shopped it and "shortened" his nose, as shown in the final example. I actually like it. If they can at least do this, I can see myself fully welcoming the new design. I'll go ahead and submit it to the team as a suggestion. All in all, I have high hopes for the show.

That's all I have to say for now.


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