RGB Modding a TV in North America - pt2

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I'm friggin back! Izlude here!

I finally put together a simple pair of.. chicken pliers.. using PVC pipe as the handles. Now let me explainnnn myself! o Yes, I realize electricity does NOT flow backward (except in special cases). These pliers were to protect me from accidentally bumping the anode wire which was very close to my work area, which btw I have read can raise the hairs on your arms if the tube is holding a charge.

GOOD NEWS! This TV apparently has a resistor that discharges the tube when powered off. The obvious sign is that it crackles when it is powered off, however one should always attempt to manually discharge regardless...

ON WITH THE SHOW! I'v got some pretty pictures for you folks. I took my pliers, unclipped the power wire, soldered a new wire onto the old nub, reclipped and let'er rip! I plugged the TV into a power strip and turned it on from a distance, just in case... No pops! No smoke! Just a magnificent picture!!! Boy is this thing huge. The scanlines are immaculate! I mean you can really see how defined these lines are (in person anyway, but my snapshots seem to have captured them.) Just look at these pictures, and imagine 2x better, to say the least. It's really really crisp!






Judge the last image, and again, give it a 2x credit because in person, it looks way way better and is clearly visible from a good distance. (The previous image with the Mario/Duck Hunt menu is not a good photo, but from far I CAN indeed see nice lines!!!)

Next on my list will be to go ahead and find a service manual or at the very least discharge the set (after a few days of letting it rest) and try to get numbers off the ICs. If I can't find the schematic, I can at least google up the ICs and maybe get info that way...

If anyone out there can help me find a schematic for Mitsubishi CS-40809, (not to be confused with CS-40805, which is out there, but I have no idea if it will even use the same Jungle IC) I'd much appreciate your help! Until then, this will conclude my little venture into RGB territory. Once I get the materials and know-how, I'll rig the TV for RGB input and attempt to cade this massive CRT in a custom cabinet and turn the thing into an all purpose console monster! Well, maybe in the future, this thing is heavy....

Signing out!

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