LOOK!!! When YouTube used to be a social network!!!!

in izlude •  2 months ago

Going down memory lane. Remember YouTube was a social network? This is my old terminated channel in the WayBackMachine (archive.org)

This is when I was first starting out with YouTube Poops. I didn't have that many views/subs yet because I didn't post my infamous Dragon's Lair video which earned me an untold amount of views and subs (in the millions!)

Take a look at this old screenshot, or try to visit this link to see all of it:


Check this out:

But here's the more interesting bit:

That's right, A FRIEND'S LIST!!! Not subscribers, but FRIENDS! Way to ruin a good thing Google. You truly are an evil company.

If you guys have a YT channel, try to view it in the WBM and see what happens ;)

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That's cool!!! I am making a channel just to see what it's all about. Do you know if it has copyright strikes? (YouTubePoop was a major target for strikes). Would love to clone my channel to as many sites as possible.