Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Zodiac Chirithy Pins

in izlude •  6 months ago

Behold! The FIRST and ONLY set of Kingdom Hearts Unchained x  Zodiac Chirithy Pins in the world!!! (I think? Pretty sure... at least for now.)

You all love Kingdom Hearts!  There's not enough KH merchandise out there... Square Enix released limited amounts of medals, key chains, figurines etc.. However when going to Wally, Target or other stores (even Asian Shops) I for the life of me could NOT find ANYTHING KH related.  So hopefully, these pins make everyone happy that there's a little more KH out there in the world.

How did I do it? Grafix shrink jet paper of course. This stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!  6 sheets for $13. It's the only stuff that shrinks to it's actual shape without distortion, and it's THICK! That's important!  The other stuff doesn't do any of this.  Quality is KEY.  I then glazed them with Modge Podge Dimensional Magic.  This stuff is not fool proof, you will get a bubble here and there every time.. I found at least 1 microscopic bubble on my set, you can't actually see it unless you hold it 1mm from your eye, lol.

They will eventually be for sale, depends on how many I can make. I'm definitely keeping the set in the photo for myself ;) They're just sooooo awesome!!! Trust me, they were INCREDIBLY HARD TO MAKE!!!!!!!! I'm not even joking here!  The gals on youtube that make pins (moons, pillows, hot sauce bottles with smiley faces etc..) are making very simple shapes.  Scorpio, Sagittarius and Gemini are extremely complex shapes and I had to monitor them to make sure they didn't distort in shape while baking them.  I almost killed Gemini, it actually cracked down the middle and almost split apart.  As a last resort, I threw it back in the oven and it actually fixed itself by shrinking into it's correct shape and proportion and the crack has all but vanished! WHEW!!!!!  As you can see in the photo, it looks wonderful!

Wish me luck everyone! I hope I can make more soon!

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