Intel Optane does NOT work with Celeron!!!

in izlude •  last month

LOL Heads Up! OK I put together a new little system. I'm temporarily using a Celron 4920, it was necessary in order to update the BIOS. A 9900k is on its way. The last system I built would not POST until the BIOS was updated.

OK I was attempting to set everything up, seemed to be going pretty well. Then I noticed Optane wasn't working. Hmm... BIOS settings were incorrect. OK I reinstalled in GPT, UEFI (non-legacy, basically all settings correct this time).

Still doesn't work. Holy smoke what now? Hours of reading different posts and watching all tutorials and no dice. Look guys, the knowledge bases out there are terribly limited. There's two softwares: Rapid Storage Technology (a stand alone app) and Optane (another stand alone app). You're supposed to install ONE or THE OTHER, NOT BOTH. Ok fair enough, I went with Rapid Storage Technology since that's what Gigabyte told me to use as I set SATA Mode to RST Premium. Still doesn't work...

By chance, I duck duck go'd Optane supported CPUs.. low and behold, my CPU is not compatible x'D I'm balling on the floor crying and laughing. OK problem solved... don't try to use Optane with a Celeron or Pentium folks, it won't work.

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