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Another day in Road of Rich has begun. In my last post i was showing you the basic symbols on the main screen in the game. Now we will have a deeper look on the in-game features.

Lets get started. I will begin with visiting the place called "Moutain" right next to the city Seoul to see what i can find there.


To visit this place just left click on the marked area.


Shown in the picture in this location we can gather wood. To do that we have to select at least on of our heroes and than click on the start button. Also we can see that the hero will be gone for one hour to finish this task.

To check the progress of your hero click on the progress symbol.


Now a window will show up where you can see the progress of your hero.


Side note: You can click on "Immediate completion". If you click on that, a window will appear where it says that you can use an item called "time shortening magic". I received two of these by ingame notification. I dont know if everybody gets that cause i didnt receive that directly from the beginning.

If you didnt receive it or dont want to use it yet obviously you have to wait the full time till your hero finished his mission.

To return to the main map you have to click on "Return to map" in the upper left corner. (if you have a smaller screen resolution you might have to scroll up)


Lets visit another place nearby. I choosed to visit the mine. Its also pretty close to Seoul.


A screen similar to the mountain will open.


As we can see here we can get two resources: iron and silver.
Also it shows that it would take four hours to obtain the materials.
Unfortunately i was not able to send one or more of my heroes to collect it. An error message that has not yet been translated popped up.


My thought is that i might need some sort of skill or tool to get these materials. I will get back to it as soon as i find a solution. Or if anybody of you knows what to do dont hesitate to leave a comment.

So for now i will return to the main map and explore another place.

Right next to Seoul is a place called "Bukhansan". Lets see what we can find there.



Here we can get into our first fight. We can battle a Bandit level 1 and obtain a resource that is just called "piece". The mission will take one hour. I decided to send two of my heroes into the battle just to be on the safe side.

While we wait for the heroes to return lets get back to the main map.


So far we have learned that at any place around Seoul you can collect resources either with or without having a fight.

If you want to visit cities that are further away it will take time to travel there.

Lets say we want to visit "Gaeseong". We click on the city to find out how long it will take us to get there.



The timer shows us it would take us three hours to get there.
Very important is that this timer only shows up when you want to visit other cities. Other places like dungeons or for example a mine dont have a timer. You will be there immediately.

What i also found out is that the further the places are away the stronger are the enemies in the dungeons.

So at first you should visit the dungeons around you to get some experience.

Lets get back to our tasks. When you click on progress and your hero is finished you can click on detail to see your reward.


Our hero succesfully gathered 11 units of wood. Lets see how our fight in Bukhansan worked out.


Our two heroes successfully defeated the bandit and were barely wounded. As a reward we received 8 units of the resource called "piece"

This will be my entry for today, in case you have wondered why i havent visited Seoul yet since its the my main nearby town i will do this in my next post. I saw that in Seoul you can buy a lot of stuff and also trade gold for items. But first i will figure out how to get gold or deposit gold via Steem. After that i will give you a tutorial about the inside of Seoul.

If you have any questions or tipps about the game dont hesitate to drop them in the comment section ;)

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