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What is @ned up to?

in itshappening •  4 months ago

Did you even read the SMT paper?

My ideals will prevail.

Pursuing Opportunity for all who will contribute from their passions.

We can do this with One person, one vote, as well as with many competing Proof of Brain tokens of various emissions mechanics. And 1P1V is possible. As I discuss in the SMT paper.

I did not succeed in creating a balanced system, nor one of 1P1V, the first time, but now I will.

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I applaud your admission and hope you create something better. I am not versed in SMT's, but know that whitepapers seem to be whitewashed. Your claims can only be proven once such a system is in place.

Until then, I will not add value to Steemit.

Hey @ned,

I have asked multiple STINC members bunch of times , is there a publicly announced timeline for SMT milestone ?

I believe in what you have to say about the vision but please ground this in tangible SMT milestone timeline we should expect.

Last time I saw an official response it was @andrarchy mentioning that you guys are working on a plan for the plan.It shouldn't be this difficult to announce milestone timelines , maybe you guys have already announced it but I have not seen them anywhere on the official blogs.


Yes there is, also available to track smt & hf20 progress.

@ned, I just read the SMT whitepaper and it mentions nothing about how the blocks are validated. Does this mean the Witness System will still be used? Yes, then SMT's are NOT decentralized and Steemit will still suck!

Seems like another scam...

Sounds good, great to hear updates from our CEO! We are doing our part some of us very passionate about Steemit and helping in many ways we can from telling strangers about it, sharing on social media and educating new members how to get proper attention and support! Thanks for a great system now wish me luck finding a little whale support in our fight to bring us more attention from other platforms, engagement and retention.