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@dimimp said that he is @god and he is @dan and he is @dantheman and dimimp is the man who has been funding the @steemjet community who uses talents to promote steem


yes @dimimp is the great person

yeah he claims to be @dimimp and also your fellow @dan

do you think @dan cofounder of steemit and eos owns the @god account??

prolly you should speak wit him and hear what he has,to say.🤔

but i think dimimp is stan larimer

dan larimers fathe

Lol.. Thought you should have also asked "Could it also be @dan"

I know you know who owns the account, So whats your take on @steemjet then?

Yea, @dimimp has done a lot to ensure the global adoption of steem but we are still confused on his identity... A good man with a masked face!

yes @dimimp boss is great