It’s Friday 18 September 2020

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A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


COVID – THE REMATCH. Reports are coming in that bog rolls are being hoarded again while everyone is running down to test centres “Just in case”


@penguin42 is a complete and utter bastard for not sharing his hoard of Jaffa cakes! Source

@xvilo is looking around for another UK bank to launder his Euro's through now that Lloyds have got wise to him. Source

@verita84 said they'd been looking for us for a while. So have the bailiffs! Source

@whistlewright is taking Norman Tebbit at his word and getting on his bike to kill people. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk asked us a pointless question because our response was obvious to everyone including an as yet undiscovered tribe deep in the Amazon. Source

@John said to beware what you drag up from the deep! Source

@tpheine is singing ♫ ♪ "Go tell it on the mountain......." ♬ ♩while building a data centre up there. Source

@andyc posted a supposedly famous picture of himself with a nose bleed. We're surprised some Millwall fan hasn't done both nostrils for him. Source

@ghostdancer thinks we dodged a bullet. Source

@jamie laments not seeing andyc in a rubber apron! The depths some people's peccadillo will not sink to! Source

@MunkyBone try's to convince us he's a country boy at heart. He does drive a Redneck truck though. Source

@basil said our nose was so close we could sniff our own bum. Source

@Sabex exclaimed: "Is Jono Bacon still around?" we suspect they meant alive although some might hope...... Source

@timttmy is reenacting a scene from the film Casino and making sure he has a hole already dug. Source

@silkevicious demands we stay up all night to complete this. You can go off people you know. Source

@tig insists we stole his Friday Weather concept, we don't even mention the weather you ponytailed lute player. Source

@CryptoSpacely said we lifted their spirits, if we lift spirits we drink it sunshine. Source

@hiro_hive ran an awesome rewards campaign that sadly we had to let him down at the last minute as we were unable to help out as promised due to work commitments. Source

@GreenJimll resisted calling us Mr Potatohead which is rich coming from Swampies love child. Source

@biglesp will not confirm or deny that Boris Johnson is his grandfather! Source

@drjessicabarker thinks we deliberately wore an orange top to match her book. Lucky coincidence we say. Source

@steevc's parents still have his Lego along with those embarrassing baby photos which they intend to blackmail him into paying for their TV license. Source

@NotMrBenn is hoping for some hot action and the smell of burning rubber. Source

@BoneheadUnkle is pretty angry that it looks like TheyCallMeDan is being blocked. We're still mystified for the reason as "They don't like him saying the truth" doesn't really tell you a lot when you don't know the background story? Source

@hivewatchers said badges are awarded manually. We probably should apologise as our quip about certificates was English humour which sometimes doesn't translate well. Source

@geekjen thinks votes on comments is competing with votes on posts: We think they're symbiotic. Source

@tibfox laments the lack of use of The issue is that Twitter is used to promote Hive across social media outside of Hive. is basically people talking inside Hive. Source

@jaynielea sent us a reply but we have no idea what it means? Source

@PowerGames8 isn't happy with Source

@JayBosworth5 says he's been upvoting comments more. ^5 Source

@MarkyHive only uses Samsung SD cards in his Raspberry Pi's. Too expensive for us. Source

@snookatz thinks we are the Hive curmudgeon whereas we say, not all complaints are negative and sometimes not pointing things out does more harm than good. Source

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