Welcome to the SuperAUD Project!

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SuperAUD Project Logo

👋 Welcome to the SuperAUD Project!

➡️ SuperAUD.com

ℹ️ The SuperAUD project is a global initiative to create the SuperBridge Hybrid Utility Exchange which incorporates centralised and decentralised elements to allow consumers to trade and store utility tokens in a trust-less environment. The exchange will use the first Australian-dollar stable utility token, SuperAUD [SAUD] as the primary market pair, to accurately determine the fiat value of all cryptocurrencies and utility tokens listed on the exchange.

➡️ Support the development of the SuperAUD Project by participating in the ITO

🏢 Project Management (3):

👤 Bruce - SuperAUD Leader - @superaudbruce
👤 Rodger - Partner - @itonrodger
👤 Kelly - Partner - @itonkelly

📢 Latest News (3):

➡️ SuperAUD Project: SuperAUD.com Released
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: Explainer video released:

➡️ SuperAUD ITO: Crowdfunding Live - https://ito.superaud.com

🔜 Coming up (4):

➡️ SuperAUD Project: New Announcements Blog migration to SuperAUD.com
➡️ SuperAUD Project: ITO Progress migration to SuperAUD.com
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: Migration to ITO Protocol v3.0 interface
➡️ SuperAUD ITO: New interface migration with SuperAUD.com

⛏ Proposed Developments (2):

🌐 SuperBridge Utility Token HEX
ℹ️ Global high throughput & secure utility token exchange

The SuperBridge Hybrid Utility Exchange incorporates centralised and decentralised elements to allow consumers to trade and store utility tokens in a trust-less environment. One of the primary purposes of the SuperBridge HEX is to create a direct bridge from Australian superfunds into compliant utility tokens for Australian traders by supporting the management of Australian self-managed superfunds within the exchange, made possible by automated reporting built by industry experts to allow even the most inexperienced traders to utilise their self-managed superfunds into the prosperous world of utility tokens without worry.

Traders around the globe are also able to use the state-of-the-art exchange to trade utility tokens fast and seamlessly while retaining the maximal amount of profit with minimal trading fees. The exchange also features detailed reporting and the ability to stake utility tokens for weekly rewards to even further maximise the benefit for traders utilising the exchange.

Status: Planned (Development begins Q3 2020)

⚙️ SuperAUD ERC-20 Stable Utility Token [SAUD]
ℹ️ Ethereum Smart-Contract tied to the Australian Dollar, backed by SMSFs.

The SuperAUD Stable Utility Token is used as the primary instrument for all open markets on the SuperBridge HEX, allowing traders around the globe to speculate the Australian fiat value of all utility token listed on the exchange in a high throughout and real-time environment. SAUD is tied directly to the Australian dollar and backed by Australian traders who have used their self-managed superfund (SMSF) to purchase utility tokens in the SuperBridge HEX.

Contract Address: Deployment Q3 2020
Token Name: *SuperAUD *
Token Symbol/Ticker: [SAUD]
Maximum Supply: 210,000,000 SAUD
Circulating Supply: Determined by SuperBridge SMSF Deposits
Reserve: No Team Reserve
Trading Price: TBA

Status: In Progress (Contract deployment Q3 2020)

👉 Community & News Channels

📢 Telegram Announcements
💬 Telegram Community
🆕 Reddit
🆕 Facebook
🆕 Instagram
🆕 Steemit
🔜 Forum: BitcoinTalk

👉 Information & Resources

➡️ SuperAUD.com
➡️ Incentivised Token Offering
🆕 Branding Resources
🔜 SuperAUD [SAUD] Contract Deployment
🔜 Whitepaper
🔜 Roadmap

👉 Exchange & Index Facilities

🔜 Exchange: Crex24
🔜 Exchange: Vindax
🔜 Exchange: Coinlim
🔜 Exchange: Etherflyer
🔜 Index: CoinGecko
🔜 Index: CoinCodex

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