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I don't know about you, but I personally am very pleased to see the progress of various technologies in our days. After all, his movement is working just an incredible number of people, each of whom seeks to realize their creative and intellectual potential, so that we are with you today to get new opportunities and tools, so that life becomes much more interesting and easier.

Of course, there are completely different categories of progress and discoveries, each of which affects its own area or scope. There is an area of science and medicine, and another area of resources and communication. In fact, it does not matter who and in what area makes a breakthrough, as for me, the main thing is to make it at all. As without progress, the world is slowly rolling in the direction of regression. Which makes sense.

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But the topic of our today's conversation is a little bit about this, and what kind of success over the past few years has achieved one no less important industry or not it can be called a direction that directly affects our vacation or a pleasant pastime. This category includes an incredible list of activities that are directly related to online games, sports betting, online casino and other MLM games. For someone it will seem frivolous and a waste of their time. However, for most people on the planet this kind of leisure delivers a separate buzz and genuine interest for many years.

And who would not say that every year the gambling industry brings a multi-billion dollar profit, both to its participants and fans, the founders of these games and other stakeholders involved in various advertising and marketing companies. This is just a huge mechanism, the work of which is aimed at meeting the demand of its audience. But no matter how rosy it looks at first glance, even in this industry of excitement and fun, there is a downside. Which sometimes in some of its manifestations, is, to say the least not very much. And all because most of the companies or organizations that are engaged in conducting online games, online casinos or even betting on sports are not always honest about their activities relative to their own users. Someone deliberately adjusts their entertainment programs to a small percentage of winnings and people just lose more of their money than they would have had a chance to earn them at all.

Moreover, most of the results are obviously false or not official, because they also have a thousand reasons. All these unpleasant moments have become a scourge of modern classic and centralized gaming industry. Despite its popularity, people are beginning to be disappointed and each time less and less to play their favorite gambling. What is natural over time, can lead to the inevitable decline and destruction of the entire entertainment industry. You can restore the balance. This requires only new tools that have high levels of reliability, transparency and security for each individual user. And what about the happiness that they are!

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About the project and its features

The project, which will be discussed now, is a set of the most highly effective tools and capabilities for each individual user and is called it – ONIZ . Although, it will be more accurate to say – ONIZ token, since it is by means of it that the further amount of payments will develop, which will later lead to the development of its own ONIZ fund. Actions that will lead to the full and direct assistance of other participants, whose principle of action will be aimed at creating new decentralized projects based on ONIZ tokens. For those who still do not fully understand what was being said, explain. The developers of this project intend to first create value for their ONIZ token, by means of which they will form their own decentralized Fund. The same Fund will be available for all those new and ambitious teams of developers who want to create their own online game or any other entertainment thing for the user, only to create it on the already existing ONIZ token base. Everything is in fact elementary simple and understandable.
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The advantages of this approach are many. First, a well-developed ONIZ project will provide a favorable basis for the development of other promising ideas based on the ONIZ token. Secondly, the technologies underlying ONIZ are advanced and high-class, as they contain all the principles of reliability, transparency and security of decentralized space for each individual user. Moreover, the artificial intelligence of the ONIZ system is designed in such a way that almost every participant of sports betting has the highest level of winning bets. This range ranges between 80% and 85%, and this I want to tell you is not even bad!

In fact, in addition to all these functions and principles of interaction with the ONIZ system and its token, you will have a unique opportunity: to buy tips on rates, pay for various goods and services of partner projects that accept the ONIZ token as a payment instrument, and you can easily use your ONIZ tokens in your favorite games, as well as create your own ONIZ platform. Of course, the level of opportunities and access to certain functions is quoted from the number of tokens available on your ONIZ balance. Nevertheless, this is logical, since each action has its own logical price. Therefore, I think everything is quite rational and honest.

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If we consider the structure of the ONIZ token in more detail, it was created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and has a very abbreviated name – ONZ. In total, the developers plan to release 8 billion tokens, only 5 of them will be intended for payments for investments and other payment processes of the ecosystem. The remaining 3 billion ONZ tokens will be stored in the hands of the founders in order to support new projects based on ONIZ in the future and competently balance the possible inflation of their token on the expanses of the crypto-currency market.

Moreover, I completely forgot to tell you that the ONIZ ecosystem will have a multi-chain wallet system, the principle of which will allow you to quickly, securely and securely integrate your crypto-payments into both online and offline payments. Since this was developed just two ONIZ wallet for Android and iOS.

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As for me, the ONIZ system is one of the best decentralized platforms presented in the cryptocurrency space. After all, the ONIZ token will be the first in 2019, published on the ITO platform, which collected only the best qualities and features of the ICO and IEO.

Of course, all of the above is only a small part of what the ONIZ system has. You can read more about development plans, partnership projects, investment instruments and so on in the official social resources of ONIZ. And also ask all your questions in the main telegram channel. Therefore, dear friends do not pass by, read, study, support the #ONIZ system and you will be happy. On it I perhaps will finish my today's review. I was glad to be useful and up to new meetings!

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Official resources of the ONIZ project:

WEBSITE https://oniz.co/#
TELEGRAM https://t.me/Onizco
WHITEPAPER https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English.pdf
BITCOINTAIK https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5166077.0
ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165733.msg51844051
TWITTER https://twitter.com/Onizco
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9rEAZsLqirE6pVPsv1Ct0A

MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1238493
MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x90051516FC3451D7bF1b5e7D0A4486757FC81C32
UNIQUENESS 100%: https://text.ru/antiplagiat/5d3c4089a10f8 Text.ru - 100.00%


Interesting idea! I am sure it will be implemented! Thank you for reviewing the project!

Please! Glad that my review was useful to you!

Great project idea!

I completely agree with you! The idea is simply wonderful!

Cool idea project, have not seen such! Thank you for the information, I will follow the project!

I agree with you! The project really looks great! I am very glad that you are interested in!

Great review, thank you very much! Been watching the draft, I see a huge future! Success!

Thank you! I also believe that the project will be a great success!

Thank you! I also
Believe that the project will
Be a great success!

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