Man Arrested In Italy In Drive-By Shootings Of Foreigners

in italy •  9 months ago

Italy gunman targeted foreign nationals...

A police photo shows a man being arrested who appears to have an italian flag wrapped around his neck.

According to reports, this was racially motivated and possibly connected to a recent slaying of an 18 year-old Italian woman in which a Nigerian man was arrested. This is what Macerata's mayor, Romana Carancini, told CNN.

Lt. Col. Andrea Corinaldesi of the cabinet stated that the victims included 5 people from Nigeria and 1 from Gambia.

"We must be united against hatred," Carancini said.

"Violence is never the solution, violence is always to be condemned. And whoever is guilty must pay," Salvini said in statement posted on Facebook. "Immigration out of control leads to chaos, anger, social confrontation."

"All we want is justice. We cannot fight barbarism with more barbarism. Such actions are not justifiable. This country is fed up -- but such reactions can never be justified. We are a civilized country. We should not let barbarism prevail over civilization." Marco Valerio Verni, the uncle of the slain woman Mastropietro, told CNN affiliate.

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Let justice be duly meted to the offending party and not the the innocent. Thanks for sharing this important update. I hope the guilty never goes unpunished.

Actions like that are not justifiable,we should stay in peace no matter the race.

yeah the guilty should be punished in a clever civilized manner such that no other person should dare to do such attrocities . Thanks for sharing the info man !!

This is not fair. World should be for everyone. We need to unite against hatered.

very sad news and justice should be done. the fact that he shot other innocent Nigerians and another african dosnt make it right as those folks are innocent. life should be cherished at all times.

Although I'm not a fan of immigration, useless violence like this is never the answer unless you want to make problems worse.
All this man has done is made people that don't like
immigration the way it is going now lose credibility,
and wastes away our chances for immigrants and natives to
integrate together and unify.