Tight Spaces in Italy

in italy •  6 months ago

Recently, I took a bus tour through parts of Italy. Although the scenery was great, the hills and mountains amazing, the old towns and ruins beautiful, the most memorable part was all the really tight fits our bus had to make it through.

Tiny roads in the mountains, tight corners, narrow city streets.

Obviously, we survived. But it was harrowing and entertaining in equal measures.

This pole was a hair's breadth away.

Little doors and gates led into buildings and underground tunnels and garages.

Man, imagine poking your head out of your front door to check the weather, only to have a giant bus roll by in front of your face.

So close.

And the corners! Even the normal city streets were tight. We almost clipped this little Renault.

Scary stuff. We tipped our driver well.

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Hahaha, the part about mentioning 'poking your head out of the window' made me laugh. Kuddo's to the driver.


I'm guessing the locals all have back doors on their houses for this reason :)

Wow! That is tight. Cannot get a ford f150 through. Followed.


So true. I'm still surprised they got the huge bus through. Scary stuff.