iTalent / Round 2 / LED Hoop dance

in italent •  last year 

Our lovely Diana hooping with her SpinFX Phoenix LED hula hoop. Enjoy the colors. :)

Music is by Dub Garden, song Colors. The rest is our original content filmed by our filmmaker Toni.

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     iTalent VOTING has started 😃

You need to vote until the 31'st of MARCH if you want to stay in the contest, go to the ANNOUNCEMENT POST below and cast your vote in the comments section.

(Please make sure you read the voting rules prior to voting)


Good luck @loop.cirkus





Thank you for participating on iTalent contest

You will be notified when the voting starts so you can participate in the democratic voting system of the iTalent contest where all of the artists vote for each other, only artists that vote are eligible for the qualifications, ones who do not will be automatically disqualified regardless of the amount of votes they get. @ivan.atman

@loop.cirkus omg 😄 this is so freaking amazing, never seen hula hoops in this edition before, those light trails are pure magic, love you guys ✌


@ivan.atman hehe, thank you, it looks mesmerizing here, but it's even better watching it live, trust me. :)


@loop.cirkus I kinda figured that it must look incredible live in a dark room, great idea, just beautiful