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RE: Don't lose your identity, because every one is unique...

in #ita3 years ago

Its so tired trying hard to be what we are not to be. At the end, just to be yourself is what the most comfortable thing. But, thats what make us afraid not to be liked by someone or community we like.


That's right! But I think it's more important to be loved by those who want us as we ourselves are, than as we try to appear in an other way, right?

Places like Steem Blockchain truly helps a bit more too see who is pro-you because of the monetary aspect. You can see much easier who has "buy in" so to say. There is a very big pressure on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube to just fit in. As everyone is reduced to just a simple consumer. May have been fine for a 2010 Internet but now we are almost in 2020..

Yes, for success in social places it is very true what you say, but I speak in everyday life, that we say "private". I think it is essential to be yourself, but if you talk about "jobs" or activities that make money, many play a part, but in this case doesn't mean it is wrong in itself, it is always a way to escape from everyday life.

Thats exactly what i mean, and what i want