"THE SIX SHADOWS OF THE MOON" for the contest launched by @gianluccio "LE SEI OMBRE DELLA LUNA" per il contest lanciato da @gianluccio

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le sei lune.jpg

"THE SIX SHADOWS OF THE MOON" for the contest launched by @gianluccio

Hello dear friends!
This is my painting for the contest launched by @gianluccio "The six shadows of the moon", a collaboration of writers from the Italian Steemian community.
As support and colors I used as background the 'acrylic on canvas, and then the oil colors.
Below you can see the process.

"LE SEI OMBRE DELLA LUNA" per il contest lanciato da @gianluccio

Ciao cari amici!
Questa é il mio dipinto per il contest lanciato da @gianluccio " Le sei ombre della luna", una collaborazione di scrittori steemiani della comunitá italiana.
Come supporto e colori ho utilizzato come sfondo l' acrilico su tela, e poi i colori ad olio.
Qui sotto potete vedere il procedimento.






le sei lune.jpg

I hope you like it and thank you all for following me ;-))))

Spero che vi piaccia e grazie a tutti per seguirmi ;-)))

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Such a beautiful piece, @CarolineSchell ! There is something quite magical, and very artistic, about representation of the six faces of the moon <3 I love that you included the step by step, also ! It shows off your process well <3

Wonderful drawing <3 Congratulations for curie, as well <3

Thank you so so much! Also the stories are very magical :-))))

Figata O_o Gran bel lavoro @carolineschell e grazie per la partecipazione!!!!! :)

Grazie mille a te e a tutti voi autori per l'ispirazione!!!!! :-))))

Hi carolineschell,

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Thank you so much!!! You made my day :-D

So much talent!

Thank you sooooo much!!!! :-))))))

ehy dear @carolineschell, really a beautiful painting! I love to see all the steps that lead the artist to the realization of his work. it seems to me that the moon is there with eyes closed, waiting for a kiss, and its shadows represent the 6 possible representations of the continuation of the story ... something like a fairy tale !! do you do it for passion or for work? you are very good :-)) congratulation for your curie rating

Thank you so much! It's my work :-)))))

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Grazie mille :-))))


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you soooo much!!! ;-D

Felicissimo di vedere che questa tua bellissima realizzazione ha riscosso il meritato riconoscimento, grande @carolineschell!!

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Grazie infinite Mad :-))))

Davvero bellissimo! Complimenti ^^

Grazie mille!!!! :-)))))

grande @carolischell bellissimo! Tra poco posto anch'io un soggetto. Sei Top!

Grazie mille Armando! Scusa del ritardo ;-))))

Ora le ho viste!!! Bel lavoro impegnativo.... mi piace moltissimo l' idea!!!!! :-))))

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I really liked the work you did. It reminded me of the infinity gems of the avengers. you know? those of marvel ... but what I like the most is how the red and white shadow are looking at each other. I wish you luck.

Thank you soooo much, and I' m sorry for the late answer, I wasn' t in Steemit the last two weeks :-)))

Great work!

Moon is an artificial object (Someone put it up there...), this is a nice painting btw, keep it up ;-)

:-))))))) Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!

Creatively beautiful. Nice art work from the Italian community

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Thank you very very much! :-))))))