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Hello dear friends!
Finally I went to the sea :-))))
The water was still a little cold, but it was really nice!!!!


Ciao cari amici!
Finalmente ho fatto anch' io un salto al mare :-)))
L' acqua era ancora un po' fredda, ma ci voleva davvero!!!


20190802_184250 (1).jpg

I'll send you a big hug and wish you a happy Sunday!!!!!! :-))))

Vi mando un salutone e vi auguro una buona domenica!!!!! :-))))

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Sei un'opera d'arte, @carolineschell: complimenti! 👏🤗

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Grazie mille, che gentile :-))))


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Amazing weather!! Already Tuesday here :D

Enjoy the sea as I do it at the moment. It is important - at least for me - to be at the sea a few time a year. Best if it is warm enough to swim.

Greets and a !BEER

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Thank you very much my friend! :-)))

Alè, abbiamo visto finalmente una sirena in mezzo al mare, o meglio, in riva al mare!!

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Una sirena molto freddolosa, ecco perché in riva :-))))

Lovely a day at the beach is always so good for relaxing looks like you had fun

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You're so right :-))))

Amazing view, but I had to look again to see the sea😍

;-)))))) Thank you so much :-D

You're very welcome! Have a great Sunday✌️

Thanks! For you too :-D

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THANKS A LOT!!!!!! :-D

Divertiti...anche se mi sa che é un po' tardi!!! 😄🤗✌️

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Grazie mille lo stesso!!!! :-)))))