Motherboard appearances

in it •  2 years ago

Why is it that when you look at high end motherboards that the nice ones have lights, armor plating, and all this excessive stuff. Maybe I am just old fashion, but isn't a motherboard just support to be a component inside a computer? The high end products aren't suppose to look nice, they are suppose to perform. Leave it to a nice case to show off your computer. It is like spray painting a car's engine. Sure, I do enjoy looking at your engine more when you have some flames printed on it, but that doesn't define your car or help your appearance when driving.

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Thank you for the article. Everything is painted in detail!

I don't think you will find this with server hardware. I guess high end pc people secretly have some led-fetish as you don't see it with mid range hardware either. I must say I have some leds too and I like it, until I'm in bed and the whole room is a freaking colour show.. ha


That is cool and all, but shouldn't that be considered when purchasing the case? You can get your christmas lights on a cheap case vs a top of the line motherboard.

Probably because motherboard manufacturers got keen on adding extra featres to market to users as cool extras, thinking this will sell in volume, because they will edifferent in soem way from the competition (it is hard to offer something different and really useful nowadays). But now everyone ended up doing the same things, so it is hard to find a good motherboard with the right features you want without the "shiny" marketing stuff attached. In the end you have to buy the model with extras, you don't actually need in order to get the features you want and that are not available on the cheaper version without the "shiny" stuff. Hopefully they will get back to their senses at some point.


Great point. To be fair they are marketing to high end gamers, the ones who are usually fighting over a pixel or two on the screen for crystal clear images. I am just of the belief that look does not choose my motherboard. If I wanted blair, I can get a gold painted case with a neon sign, but my motherboard doesn't need to look like an armored vehicle with christmas lights. Thank you.