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Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated with the blending of once distinct types of attack into more damaging forms. Organizations, as well as individuals, remain stubborn to the idea they could be subjected to cyber threats. The truth is various kinds of cyber threats lurk behind ANYTHING using the internet; output devices such as mobile and other connected devices; software and drivers; and even your trusted networks.

This cyber threats are defined as possibility but more closely identified with the actor or adversary attempting to gain access to a system.

Social Engineered Trojans
Unpatched Software (such as Java, Adobe Reader, Flash)
Network traveling worms
Advanced Persistent Threats

With the widespread adoption of today’s digital transformation we can add the influence of mobile device usage, cloud computing and big data technology.

Digital Transformation - a factor in Security Threat Landscape

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. Digital transformation isn’t just reshaping business, cybercriminals are leveraging the expanding attack surface it creates for new disruptive opportunities to attack. The sophistication of attacks targeting organizations is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Since security risks have emerged as the biggest obstacle to digital transformation, it follows that cybersecurity must also undergo a similar transformation.

Prepare for more ransomware attacks

Cybercriminals now act more like a business. Ransomware attacks will increase in number, sophistication, and cost to business because they are highly profitable for attackers.
Many companies are not consistent at doing the basic blocking and tackling of security, whether it's patching, having a good architecture, understanding in advance where the threats are, having logs, monitoring, watching and dealing with it.

Understanding how Cyber Security Threat Landscape

To have an understanding about Cyber Security Threat Landscape is to look at what data is generated, how it is used and where it is stored. We live in a connected world, with more connected devices and greater volumes of data. More data means greater motivation for attacks. The number of data breaches in 2017 was staggering and things are likely to get worse.
An increasing number of entry points means it is easier for attackers to infiltrate and gain access to this data. Although the threat landscape is vast and varied, the major threats that face most companies remain the same, 88% of breaches last year fell into the same patterns. Because cyber-attacks is growing in sophistication, given our increasing dependence on mobile devices, it’s likely that we will see the emergence of mobile-specific cyber espionage campaigns.

Cyber Security Training Awareness

Phishing is a huge threat. It found that negligent employees had caused 54% of the data breaches suffered. More than 90% of breaches are attributed to successful phishing. 66% of malware installed last year came via malicious email attachments. 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged a weak or stolen password. And cybercriminals pose as fellow employees to trick users into handing over credentials.
Cyber Security Training Awareness is a vital important in every organizations, to set out policies, educate staff and enforce security hygiene. Without solid employee training and stringent security protocols to shut down the risk of malicious insiders, the danger of data breach remains high.

Next-Generation Firewalls

New-age cyber threats requires next-generation firewalls. With the advent of "new-age" threats, the landscape has changed. The network components also has changed, as much as the application changes and weaknesses.
Next-Generation firewalls have better awareness of individual applications because of their deep packet inspection capabilities. A next-generation firewall is far better equipped for more efficient and effective in managing your network and safeguard it from applications that might threaten your network.

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