Climate change and it's impact on human life

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There are a lot of issues that effecting the environmental around as
1- changing rain and show patterns
2-higher temperature and more heat Waves
3-less snow and ice
4-land degradation
5-rising sea level
6-warmer oceans
7-stronger storms
8- change in plant life cycles etc........
This are the main problems are facings the environment then life on Earth is very much linked to climate and its surroundings. our Earth bears a million specious of life forms ranging from microscopic organism to giant being. This wide verity of beings live in a complex system could affect their well being. We know that each continent has a totally different nature. The bio-sphere varies rapidly. When climate change affect animal world we get least bothered. But the impact it makes inhumans is really big.
The energy that we gain from food comes out in the form of heat. This heat actually shows the converter energy that is used for physical works. First of all this drastic change in climate affects our biological progress. Excessive temperature is unbearable each year temperature sises by1-2oC. This change leads to a daay time that is really list these list climate make man touisome and we get easly exhausted. Excessive heat results in gidfings and many other illnessive. Years back man disnts even think of air conditioners now a few minutes without that artificial cold air makes us move in panic.
It's been years since we where given lictures on environment friendly methods. The way man handle wastes, his waste disposal method, pollution etc.... are the reason. for drastic climate change. But still man fails to understand the great consequences of his careless actions.
Therefore we can save the water
Save trees
Save the nature.


Good efforts! Al the best!

Thank you brother. Thanks for all

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