The Destruction of Israel Begins From The North Side, This Cause

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**Iran's revenge action to Israel is currently a trending topic in various local media in Israel, one of which (5/5/2018) reported that Iran's counterattack is likely to begin and target the northern part of the Zionist country.**

The authorities who handle state defense and security affairs in Israel also confirmed it, saying that the deadly air strikes that occurred in Syria triggered Iran's revenge attacks.


Israel estimates that in the near future Iranian missile strikes will target the northern region of the country, based on evidence showing that Iran has set up its combat powers through the northern part of Syria that borders on Israel.

In Syria, Iran established a military facility that allowed them to deploy troops, store weapons and draft an information-based war strategy that one was able to collect by drone into Israeli territory.


Militant Hisbulloh will likely also be involved if Iran really attacks Israel, the armed group will certainly help Iran who has been supplying weapons to them.
Hisbulloh is believed to have more than 100,000 rockets and missiles since the last clash with Israel in 2006.