Israel's Elections, Benjamin Neyanyahu, And The Rapture on June 8 2021?

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The last two years have been unprecedented in the history of the modern state of Israel. There have been 4 elections over that period, and it seems like there will finally be a government formed in the next week or so, however what I am interested in, is what bearing does this whole scenario have on the timing on the rapture if any?

I have delved into these matters in the past, and I am not going to go into detail about all of the relevant prophecies that various rabbis have come up with, which equate this current election season in Israel with the coming of the Messiah.

Anyone with the time can do an internet search for such names as Rabbi Yitzhak Khaduri, Rabbi Shoshani, etc. with regards to these election prophecies. There is also an apocryphal book, the book of Enoch, which some say delineates a record of the 70 Shepherds of Israel, of which the 70th is Benjamin Netanyahu, after which the Messiah will comes.

So far, all well and good. Basically, the consensus of all these prophecies seems to be, that when Netanyahu goes, the Messiah comes. Now, we can take 2 approaches to these prophecies, either belief or skepticism, but whatever approach you take, nobody can dispute that we will know the answer to the question of whether these prophecies hold water, after Netanyahu has finally been ousted. As I write this, the coalition about to be formed by one of Netanyahu's rivals in the last election, who won 17 seats to Netanyahu's 30, looks to be confirmed by the Knesset on June 9 at the earliest, with June 14 being the legislated deadline by which the new government can be sworn in.

Now if anybody has been following my blog over the last few years, you will know that I have not been focusing too much on any of these types of prophecies, rather I have looked at things like the Fig Tree Generation and the accuracy of our Christian calendar with regards to the birth of Christ, and whether it is possible that the rapture will happen on the 2000th anniversary of Jesus Christ's own rapture or ascension to Heaven.

As I alluded to in an update on one of my previous posts, if the rapture is to happen in 2021, and it is also on Ascension Day as it occurred 2000 years ago, the latest it could possibly happen is June 7, which is 43 days after Nisan 14, which fell on April 26 in the year AD 20.

However, it seems I got that slightly wrong, as when I plug those dates into the Time and Date website calculator, I actually get June 8, which is the day before the date of the formation of the new government in Israel.

So why AD 20 and not AD 21? The answer to that question revolves around the reason why I went down the rabbithole of thinking we might be at that 2000 year deadline in 2021: the 10-year antedating error which occurred during Jesus' lifetime, because of the changeover from one Roman emperor to the next, and the 1-year error that occurs because there is no zero year when you go from BC to AD, whereas in normal counting there is. For example, we had a year 2000 in between 1999 and 2001, whereas if you go from 1 BC to 1 AD, there is no 0 AD in between. So perhaps, that 1-year error somehow affects the calculation I am making now, and it does indeed seem fortuitous that there was an intercalary Adar II month inserted in that AD 20 year, which pushes Nisan 14, and thus all the other dates that relate to the events that follow Christ's crucifixion, out by a full month.

At the end of the day though, all this is highly speculative, and the only reason I am publishing this post now, is to have a record left on the internet in case something like the rapture does happen over the next couple of days. If it doesn't, no harm done, another rapture date done and dusted, and we keep watching the end time events progress, as we watch the world in general descend into insanity, with Christian pastors arrested in western countries such as Australia and Canada which used to be known as Christian countries, simply because they don't agree with the rationale of the state in closing down their churches over a virus that doesn't seem to be much of a threat to anybody outside of those who have already reached their allotted life span of 70 to 80 years, as per Psalm 90:10. Which brings us back to the Fig Tree Generation prophecy. Perhaps that prophecy isn't precise right down to the day, for the reason that Psalm 90:10 ends with the words "and is cut off, then we fly away".

So perhaps, even though the full 80 years might expire on May 14, 2028, by which we then backdate 7 years to arrive at May 14, 2021, a proposed rapture date which has now passed, maybe the 7 year tribulation has already started, but the rapture has been delayed by a few weeks. Rather than having to endure through 7 years of tribulation, the days will have been shortened, cut short, or cut off, "for the sake of the elect", by a June 8 Ascension Day rapture. "And we fly away"...

I was going through some information on the internet last night, about the shocking effects of the vaccine which is being pushed on the global population as a solution to the supposed threat of the coronavirus pandemic, and if that vaccine program is carried out on everybody to its full extent (multiple doses over the coming years), the effect on people's health will be dramatic. I already know of 2 people in my workplace who have gotten sick because of the vaccine, and I know from the internet that some people have already died shortly after getting it, so something nefarious seems to be going on here.

Of course, I don't believe that the vaccine itself is going to kill everybody who gets it, and it isn't just a threat to Christians, but what is coming is a conflict between those who refuse the vaccine because they know the truth about what is going on, and the state, which doesn't want people to know the truth about what is going on. This is all part of the antichrist new world order, and just like the lockdown conflict, Christian pastors are going to get caught up in it, and arrests will be made.

After the rapture, a lot of people will wake up though, and the whole covid deception will fade away and be replaced with raw fascism, because the people in power will just assert their dominance, without needing to reference the pandemic any more. That's the way I see it anyway. And the Bible does seem to predict that kind of fascist response during the tribulation, with people being beheaded because they won't take the mark and worship the beast. That's the worst kind of fascism, where people have to go along with a religious tyranny they don't believe in, at the cost of their lives if they don't. Many people who come to Christ during the tribulation will have to make that choice, and it won't be an easy one.

Update 09/06/2021: It was announced yesterday by the Speaker of the Knesset, that the new government of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett will be sworn in on Sunday June 13 at 4pm, subject to a vote of confidence. So, short of a rapture in the next few hours, it seems as if the idea of an Ascension Day rapture has been debunked, at least for this year. However, could the rapture occur sometime between now and Sunday? Or will the 70 Shepherds prophecy then be debunked? Interesting times indeed...

Update 11/06/2021: As I write this, the news from yesterday in Israel is that Yair Lapid's coalition is on very shaky ground, and that only one of the 8 agreements needed between the 8 parties in the coalition has been signed, and must be signed by 4pm today. In addition, Netanyahu is claiming that Naftali Bennett made fraudulent promises before the election, that he would not sign an agreement with Lapid or the Left, or with the Arab party Raam, promises which he subsequently broke in order to enter this coalition. So my take on all of this, is that it is possible that this coalition's new government will fail to be sworn in on Sunday, and that leaves open the possibility that the prophecy about the Messiah returning on the following Sabbath will be fulfilled on June 18.

"The statements by Kaduri also reference excerpts from the ancient book The Covenant of the Persimmon by kabbalist Rabbi Sasson Hai Shoshani, who Kaduri said was known as "The prophet of Egypt." Shoshani said, "There will come on the day that two ministers win the government in the land of Israel. Both their names will be Benjamin and neither of them will succeed in establishing their government or kingship.

"On that day, know and understand that the King Messiah already stands at the doorway and on the Sabbath afterwards he will come and be revealed," Shoshani's statement continues. "Understand this and remember it.'"

Moshe N., an aide to Kaduri's grandson and the current head of Nahalat Yitzhak, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, told Israel Hayom that, "The yeshiva has all sorts of manuscripts by Rabbi Kaduri with the names of G-d and similar things, that we are keeping in a safe. These are things that are passed from generation to generation, in secret, only between the kabbalists and it is forbidden to reveal them.

"In writings based on the teachings of Rabbi Sasson Hai Shoshani, the redemption is discussed, and the writings also discuss that right before the coming of the messiah, they won't be able to form a government, so what was published is very close to what was written in the manuscripts, but the published wording is not exact."

Another interesting coincidence is that a June 18 rapture would coincide with a delayed Pentecost, exactly 10 days after the June 8 Ascension Day. Will this indeed happen? Only time will tell, but we don't have long to wait...

Update 12/06/2021: OK, so it seems I was wrong about the new coalition. All the coalition agreements were signed yesterday. Now we wait to see if Netanyahu has any more tricks he can pull out of his bag, but realistically it seems that he is in his final days in office. In a sense, that aligns with the Rabbi Shoshani prophecy, as both Netanyahu and Gantz have to fail to establish their kingship. We will see on Sunday whether Bennett or Lapid establish theirs, or whether the appearance of the Messiah will happen first...

Update 16/06/2021: Now that Naftali Bennett is the prime minister and the coalition formed by Yair Lapid is the new government of Israel, where does that leave us with the rabbinic prophecies? Well, what I am about to say doesn't quite fit with the Shoshani prophecy, but it also kind of does.

Here's the thing, neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor Benny Gantz were able to establish their kingship (which I would interpret as an unchallenged, interrupted rule for life). Benjamin Netanyahu was getting there with his 12 year stretch as PM, but then this current election season (which took 4 elections over 2 years) has finally unseated him.

Benny Gantz never even had 1 day as PM, even though that was the arrangement, had the previous government lasted, as he was supposed to succeed Netanyahu, and presumably if he did well could have been PM for a long time. So now, we have Naftali Bennett as the PM of a shaky coalition, certainly not a king for life as his current prime ministership is only going to last 2 years, after which he will hand over to Yair Lapid.

So, what about the following Sabbath prophecy? Could we be in the final days before a June 18 rapture? In a way, the prophecy as it is worded seems to refer to the Sabbath after the day that the 2 Benjamins won government, which was last year, however it has taken all that time since they won government, for it to become clear that neither one would establish their kingship, so perhaps the day when that became clear is June 13, the day when both Benjamins lost their opportunity to continue in government as the PM, certainly within the time frame of the 4 elections.

It is true that Benny Gantz is the Defence Minister in the new government, but with the current arrangement, there is no opportunity for him to become PM. That's why Netanyahu offered Gantz that opportunity as a last ditch attempt to remove Blue and White from the coalition, but it seems Gantz is now taking his chances with the other side rather than try to work things out with Netanyahu.

So yes, I will wait and watch to see what happens over the next few days. I won't publish another post as this post is really the one on the topic of Benjamin Netanyahu and the rabbinic prophecies, and while the June 8 rapture date was a possible date until the date of the swearing in was set by the Speaker of the Knesset, June 18 is a logical extension of June 8 if we switch from the expectation of an Ascension Day rapture to that of a Pentecost rapture, Pentecost falling as it does exactly 10 days after Ascension Day.